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Organizing my MMO gaming projects

I got to say that there’s a satisfying feeling in having a max-level character who is ready to participate in any upcoming content, whether it be patches, expansions, group events, or what have you. Considering how much my altoholism has hampered me in achieving this in the past, I think it’s been a very good decision indeed to — as a rule of thumb, but not an inflexible one — stick to a single character per MMO right now.

I have a lot on my plate in terms of gaming, but a few recent goal achievements has fueled this desire to get more games and characters up to the cap so that I can flit around between MMOs easier without feeling that I’m trying to “catch up.” So here’s my current roster of MMOs and the status of my progress in each:

The Secret World

  • Yeti: DONE. She’s finished with all current Tokyo content, has a good build, decent gear, gradually leveling up AEGIS and filling out AP wheel. Ready for Issue #11.
  • Syppi: Lowbie character for the blogging project, but not my main.

Lord of the Rings Onilne

  • Syppi: IN PROGRESS. Level 100 with a second-age halberd, but still puttering through Central Gondor. Need to buckle down and power her through.

Marvel Heroes

  • Squirrel Girl: IN PROGRESS. Level 40, very sporadic play, would like to get her through the rest of the heroic storyline and level her to 60, no big goals past that.
  • Saving up 400 eternity splinters for Gambit (250 at the moment).

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Syp: DONE. Level 60, through Shadow of Revan’s story. She’s halfway done with gearing up with comms, could work on daily reputation and do dungeons.


  • Syp: IN PROGRESS. Stalled out in the first zone of the latest expansion. Only level 61. Would really like to rev this back up and get ‘er done.

Guild Wars 2

  • Dawnbreak Wild: IN PROGRESS. At least she’s level 80, but my current and most pressing goal is to get her through season 2. After that, the expansion, masteries, and world exploration.

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Might be rerolling as a mage. What can I say, I need my pets! Also, swinging swords and axes in this game isn’t doing it for me.

Other potential future MMOs:

  • Skyforge: Hearing good-to-mixed things, would like to get in the beta.
  • Shroud of the Avatar: Definitely on my to-do list for this year.
  • World of Warcraft: I keep toying with the idea of starting over with a brand-new Shaman.
  • Asheron’s Call: I’ve never even tried it, and now it’s buy-to-play for $10. Dunno how long it’s going to be around for, however.

8 thoughts on “Organizing my MMO gaming projects

  1. This is a fun post, I may do something like this! I have been dipping my toes in the multi-gaming waters and I’ve found the same thing to be true, one character per MMO. I try to think of my characters across several MMOs in the same way I use to view my stable of alts in WoW.

    I’m playing a sorcerer in ESO as well, I like it for the pet and two abilities, one in storm calling and one in daedric magic that are essentially dots that end in an explosion. If you haven’t already, try a bow as your weapon. My action bar is all spells, I just like the bow for white attacks. Plus I like the mix of archery and magic, and will probably add a great sword as my second weapon once I hit level 15 (currently 13). Coincidentally I’m leveling a ranger in GW2 right now and using that same weapon set up.

  2. Hopefully the changes to IAs in the near future will get your char out of that miserable map. I take it you do not play PvP in Rift, because that would be another fun option to level out of there :).

  3. 😀 funny that, i was thinking along the same line with my gaming, and was soooo pleased i could just focus on one toon in FFXIV and still can play all classes and profs if I want! Though at same time, trying to remind myself to focus on a main class to level to max lol

  4. I really need to get back to Shroud of the Avatar. I adored the earlier build I played, but after a few weeks, I just let it go entirely. I think there’s a ton of promise there, and once it gets out of alpha, the smoothness and polish will really shine and make the PvP aspects of the game amazing. It has a solid foundation already, so I’m excited to see where it goes.

  5. Exactly my thought, try to have one character in each game who does all the achievements, completes all the quests, and is at the highest level you’re able to get to in the time you have to play. It simplifies things, and lets you enjoy more games.

  6. I loved me some Asheron’s Call -my first MMO. 2 of the devs from AC are working on Project Gorgon and it has some AC flare to it for sure. It is free to play in its current Alpha stage and if you have ever wanted to play as a cow with cool looking dedicated cow armor, there are few other choices. You can also play as a deer, werewolf, pig, and spider. You can get changed into these beasts by getting a curse from some bosses. I have see cow on cow crime – it ain’t pretty.

  7. Asheron’s Call probably isn’t going anywhere, as it’s in maintenance mode like GW1. It has little cost to operate.

    I tend to like the same things you do, and AC1 is a long-time love for me. Having said that, it’s quite old, and the systems quirky, complex, and largely unmodernized. If you liked Fallen Earth, you may dig it – FE has a similar old school aesthetic.

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