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Poll: Vote on my next retro game adventure!

So it’s been a long time — pretty much since the end of 2014, really — since I’ve done retro gaming posts here on Bio Break. Mostly I was feeling a little burned out on how I used to do them (very time-consuming), plus I got real busy with the whole Massively Overpowered start-up.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to bring it back in some form, and so what I think I’ll be doing starting next week is to pick a game and play it a bit over the course of one week (with expected screenshots/commentary). At the end I’ll evaluate how it’s going and whether I want to move on to a new title the next week or if it’s so gripping that I want to keep on going. I have SO MANY titles stuffing my library right now that are unplayed that I just don’t have the time to do full playthroughs of each, but would like to at least sample them and see if they have what it takes to get me hooked. Like a blog reality show or something.

So let’s put the first game for the return to retro gaming up for a vote — what would you like me to play next week?

5 thoughts on “Poll: Vote on my next retro game adventure!

  1. If you announce this on May 4th will have to be X-wing….

    Although I do want to see thief and fallout as well…

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