Fallout 2: Welcome to Trapper Town

(This is part of my journey going checking out Fallout 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

tr1Sulik and I cross over into the seedier (if that’s possible) area of Klamath known as Trapper Town. Gonna be some good shootin’ potential in here, I can tell!

Even for a game pushing two decades, Fallout 2 managed to create a memorable and distinctive art style that makes pouring over every screen an enjoyable experience unto itself. I love how the artists were able to convey the age of this weather-beaten world.

tr2I bump into Slim Picket, the de facto leader of Trapper Town. He’s a font of basic information, mostly about trapping geckos and the rat problem in the northern part of the town. Yes, even Fallout 2 wants you to kill ten rats; it’s a tradition. He says he has a key for sale to that part of town, but the dog already gave me the same key, so I think I’m good.

tr3Let me tell you, after a couple of frustrating hours with that spear, it’s pure bliss to be able to one-shot rats with 95% accuracy with my pistol. Blammo, blammo! However, I do need to conserve ammo a bit, so I reluctantly swap back to my spear and let Sulik take the brunt of the melee.

The rat portion of Trapper Town begins in a winding building that leads to a two-level rat warren. The first bit is just normal rats, but soon enough we’re facing off against dreaded rat pigs. Wait, how did those happen? Did a rat and a pig fall madly in love?

tr4Before I know it, I’ve found the source of the rat problem: the monstrous Rat God. Or, as the game alternatively calls it, the Rat Keeng. It puts up a slightly tougher fight and Sulik gets knocked down hard at once point, but we emerge victorious. Yay Team Syp of the Apocalypse! And I find a second pistol to boot, which will be worth a nice bit of money.

The last bit to loot down here is some explosives from a table, which I’d much rather sell than use. Back up to the surface to sell and restock!

sypOther than a few lootable odds and ends, Trapper Town doesn’t have anything else I need. I head back to the Golden Gecko and do a fair bit of bartering between me and the bartender. I think I walk away with the better end of the deal, with more ammo, a couple of additional stimpacks, and — most importantly — leather armor to replace my flimsy Vault 13 jumpsuit. YEAH. Now I look like I’m ready to star in my own post-apocalyptic film!

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