Fallout 2: Ghost hunter

(This is part of my journey going checking out Fallout 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

aa1I don’t like this place either, Vic, but I feel bad about all of those slaves. I really do. And since Lara is working against Metzger, I’m going to keep taking her missions to figure out a way to put the thumbscrews to that slaver.

aa2Lara has me snoop around the church, where I discover that Tyler and his gang of guards are going to have a party tonight. Apparently that’s the perfect time for an ambush, because we’re all going in guns blazing.

aa3What enues is the biggest fight I’ve witnessed in this game yet: my crew and Lara’s gang against Tyler’s gang. People trading gunfire, sledgehammer hits, and spear thrusts, all while spitting out excellent smack talk (“I’m going to feed you to my pet iguana!” was my favorite).

Despite having the odds on our side, it’s not an easy fight. I actually die the first time around. The second round goes better, although it’s still long; all of the characters have a good amount of hit points and the damage we’re dealing is usually in the single digits. Some of the highlights included Vic missing a swing and knocking himself down, me scoring a wild 25-point crit against a guard and slamming him to the ground, and the last guard who ran out of ammo and started sprinting for the exit, only to be ganged up on by all of the good guys.

We emerge victorious — and wealthy. I get a couple hundred dollars from Lara, a bit of XP, and all of the loot from the dead guards. Several pistols, and those are worth a good deal. I give one of the pistols to Vic and pocket as much ammo as I can grab.

aa4Next up on my Den To Dos is to shake down a druggie named Fred for $200 he owes Becky. No, I am not going to spot you a hundred bucks. I need to buy a car, and besides, I was raised by the Cobra Dojo. Mercy is for the weak YES SENSAI!

aa5For a change of pace, I decide to go ghost hunting. The proprieter to the south claims that there’s some jilted spirit wrecking the place at night, and when I set the timer to take me to midnight, lo and behold a ghost appears. She’s upset because she lost her locket, so I guess that’s what I’ll be looking for next. What’s a ghost going to do with a locket anyway? Get prettied up for a ghost ball?

aa6Getting it back takes a little detective work. Mom tells me that a local thug named Joey used to sleep in that house, so he probably took it. I intimidate him into giving me back the locket without a fight (I’m so nice) and I give it back to Anna the Ghost free and clear (so so nice). My character then proclaims, “This house is clear.” I laugh at the Poltergeist reference.

For bonus niceness, I take Anna’s bones back to the grave I dug up a while back and inter her. That’s worth a good amount of XP and a happy feeling in my tummy.

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