The Secret World: Up the Dark Tower

f1After a break of several days to catch my breath, my climb up the Orochi tower in The Secret World resumed last night. I teamed up with Massively OP’s MJ and one of our readers to see if we couldn’t get all the way to the end of it and see the grand finale.

Obviously, there will be big spoilers here. Not all of the spoilers, but some.

So next up on our randomized floor visits were a couple of Faust areas. After going through a batch of these, I have to admit that the concept of selecting a handful of a pool of floors for each tower crawl is kind of brilliant. Each floor is interesting in and of itself, with its own theme and environmental story, and I definitely want to go back soon and see even more of them.

This particular floor was really odd. No mobs to fight, just rooms full of office workers. And, yeah, the occasionally dead person with veins bulging out. We couldn’t find an explanation, but there were three of these corpses among the throngs of workers.

f2I *loved* this media floor. Lots of TV sets — which were great for screenshot opportunities — as well as silly traps that would trigger a laugh track when you fell for them.

The boss on this floor was “The Host” who was apparently making his own demented reality TV show starring everyone else on the floor.

f3Our journey up the tower hit a major bug when I got locked out of an elevator and the other two got locked in. Fortunately, a dev watching our livestream came in to port our team to safety. I highly recommend having a developer along for TSW missions.

f4One interesting reveal as we got nearer to the penthouse is that the Orochi have their own anima-infused troops who could respawn indefinitely if you didn’t trap them in their anima pads. I like how they got nicknames like player characters do, which is something we haven’t seen in any other mob in the game.

The guy — Samael? — taunting us over this said that this had to do with all of the dead Orochi troops everywhere, but that didn’t really explain anything, and I think it was just covering for incompetance anyway.

f5Up in the penthouse, the weirdness dial jacked all the way up to 11. The rabbit killer made a return — and ended up being three of them, not just one. Neat… but that didn’t explain anything about them. Clones? Maybe I missed something. I’m going to have to do a bit of research later on to see what the players pieced together.

f6The penthouse was the staging ground for two things: Lilith’s blathering monologues and a heck of a lot of fights. It would have been a lot more frustrating without a group.

I’m kind of torn on the use of Lilith as the big exposition machine here. For starters, her lip synching and facial gestures were really off and quite distracting. And while she sort of explained a lot of the overarching plot, it was by no means a full reveal. Guess she and the Morninglight had a falling out, but I’m not going to cry over that.

Still, some answers were better than none, and I’m really glad we’ll be moving forward. One detail I liked is that she said that Flappy was the Dreaming One’s idea of a bird, which explains why filth creations are all messed up. Those guys don’t have a set of kids picture books.

I got a whole crapton of pictures from this final confrontation, including the above shot (which I also made into a Bio Break header).

f7The ending got a lot more interesting when John showed up to distract Lilith long enough for the angelic calvary to arrive. Angels. Sure. Why not, this is TSW after all.

Lilith is quickly outmatched and is bound by the angel’s power. Having lost a couple of legs to her, I do not feel a lot of sympathy.

f8As part of the season finale, one of the hyped features of Issue 11 is that our choices that we’ve made would pay off, somehow. Now, TSW is not SWTOR — we’ve only had three points in the game where we made a decision, all of which had to do with the Dreaming Ones. With them or against them. I went with once and against twice.

Apparently what happens at the end here is that we’re given an ultimate ability — some giant AOE attack that also gives us neat glowing angel wings — but that ability is different based on your choices. All those who railed against the Dreaming Ones get golden wings, those like me who were mixed got blue, and those who went with them got black wings.

All in all, I am highly impressed with the Orochi Tower and can’t wait to return for more. It feels like a satisfying ending of sorts, but it’s also whetted my appetite for the next stage of our journey in this game.


2 thoughts on “The Secret World: Up the Dark Tower

  1. Sylow May 15, 2015 / 5:53 pm

    All the enthusiams for the game. I was frantic for it until a little ago, when i read about the interview with Tilty and Scriv.

    It effectively managed to completely kill my enthusiasm for TSW. I am so very impressed how soon and badly the absence of Joel Bylos is becoming obvious. The short version of the interview reads as “all the fun things have been delayed and many of them canceled. Instead we give you grind and power creep. Enjoy.”

  2. Vagrant Zero May 16, 2015 / 11:25 pm

    DW Katanas? When is THAT coming for PCs?

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