Fallout 2: Flushed down an outhouse

(This is part of my journey going checking out Fallout 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

ax1So you know what I totally forgot about this character? That I thought it would be amusing to give him the “sex appeal” trait. Totally forgot that, at least until Miria here started throwing herself at me like I was going out of style. And while my much younger self would have thought it the height of video game edginess to have sex with a virtual character (as the screen fades to black), I’m not really that interested in it these days.

Past that, Miria fills me in on some of the local gossip of the town, nothing super-juicy, but enough to bread-crumb me to my quests.

ax2Speaking of quests, the local tanner is distraught that his son is missing, and he lends me his dog Laddie to help find him. Can I keep the dog? That’s all I want to know. I’d love to have a dog in this game.

ax3More Modoc exploration. Ladies and gentlemen… we have goo. Maybe Slimer’s been around here?

Near the goo is a building that’s surrounded by a fence with wild dogs inside — and the front door is covered in rocks too large to move. Ooh. I really want to know what’s in that house. Might need some dynamite? I’m fresh out, alas.

ax4My trigger finger’s feeling itchy again, so to relieve it I take on a quest to clear out a farmer’s field of rats. Yup, good ol’ rat killing, the staple of many-a-RPG. Although these are a little more mutated than most.

Unfortunately, the little buggers poisoned me, which on top of my currently radiated status, means that I’m not doing the best internally. Love those Fallout boy illustrations, tho! Should make that my new avatar.

At least the farmer is appropriately grateful:

I also unload some of my junk on him and barter for his shotgun. Always love to have a shotgun in post-apocalyptic games. Too bad I don’t have any shells.

ax7Rose’s addled husband at the bed and breakfast mentions something in passing about a giant rat crawling out of the nearby outhouse. When I go to check it, lo and behold I am allowed to crawl down into a stinky, poopy sewer.

To recap: Fallout 2 has a poop dungeon.

Alas, I need some explosives to open this up as well. Guess I need to go back to the trader and buy back one of the timed explosives. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! Well over a thousand bucks. This better be worth it.

Explosives in hand, I head back to the poop dungeon, set the timer, and back away. Unfortunately, what I didn’t think about — but the game’s devs did — is that feces and methane is quite combustible. So when the explosives went off, it cleared the entire room, including me.

ax8Reload. This time I set the timer and climb up the ladder just to make it before everything goes kablamo. I’m pretty pleased that the devs spent this much time simulating a poopsplosion in an RPG.

Down in the poop dungeon is a sole enemy, a giant mole rat. And yes, he’s guarding the Rose’s husband’s gold watch, so chalk that up to a quest completed. While I do get some nice XP, there’s no monetary or physical reward from any of the involved parties, which I think it’s a huge disappointment considering that I had to buy those explosives.

Next up: Ghost farm!


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