Marvel Heroes: How this game finally clicked for me

wolvieI haven’t always had the best history with the Diablo genre (action-RPG?). The Diablo series has been of limited interest to me, and I’ve only dabbled in similar titles like Mythos, Torchlight, and FATE over the years. But now it looks that Marvel Heroes has done what all of the rest haven’t, which is to completely and utterly hook me.

The MMO overlay helps a lot, of course. However, my transition from casually appreciating Marvel Heroes to obsessively wanting to log in (sometimes at the expense of time spent in other games) is thanks to simply taking some extra time to learning the ins and outs of the different game modes and gear types. Finally, a strategy — a path — has been opened to me, and with that direction I feel that I have more of a purpose and can enjoy the game without feeling somewhat perpetually lost in it.

I’ll be posting some of the tips and notes I’ve been taking later on, but suffice to say that I was able to properly gear Squirrel Girl (and shift her build around a bit) so that she’s more sturdy and hitting harder. I bought my first legendary item and have been pushing hard to level her to 60 (I’m 57 at the moment) so that I can wear that top-level gear and get the XP bonus for my other characters.

Marvel Heroes really is the altaholic’s dream game. Its vast — and always growing — stable of characters aren’t just there to fiddle with, although it is quite fun to be able to switch toons out on a second’s notice. No, the big light bulb that went on for me was when I finally understood that your roster is a symbiotic support system that should be viewed as a whole — your roster is your main character, with each of the parts able to contribute to the success of the whole.

Thus, I’ve been all over the place over the past week or so, working on or accomplishing the following:

  • I purchased Cyclops with some extra Gs, mostly to get his awesome level 50 +10% XP synergy. It turns out that he’s actually kind of fun to play if you like ranged classes that attack quickly. He’s moving up on my to-do list, perhaps after I get Squirrel Girl to 60.
  • I realized that one of my most-needed purchases was more bank space. Taking advantage of the bonus G sale this past weekend, I bought three more stash tabs, bringing my total up to five plus a crafting tab (about six of my characters have their own stashes too, including Squirrel Girl). Now I am able to sort out and store all of the items I want to be saving, particularly artifacts, crafting mats, and uniques.
  • I found the cosmic shard vendor and began purchasing free fortune cards. My big score was Wolverine’s Days of Future Past costume (above), which I’m quite fond of.
  • With no specific hero that I wanted to buy in mind, I blew 350 eternity splinters on two random hero tokens. My results? Hawkeye and Colossus. Ugh. I don’t think I could have picked worse ones if I tried. Oh well, that’s how it goes. And they’re free, so there’s a limit to how much I can complain about them.
  • I’ve been faithfully donating gear to the crafting vendor and am almost at level 20 with him, after which I’ll do the same for the enchanter.
  • I mentioned that I got a legendary on SG, and she’s already leveled it to one. I also decked out her costume core and even added some razzle-dazzle sparkle effects for fun. I’m that guy in the game.
  • I also joined up with a small supergroup of bloggers and Twitter peeps — if anyone’s interested, talk to BigMikeyOcho in the game.

I do need to settle on four heroes that I’m going to level to 60 for the XP synergy bonus. Squirrel Girl and Rocket Raccoon are shoo-ins. Probably Rogue too. Don’t know past that; I’m willing to be surprised by testing out other heroes.

All in all, I feel that I’ve graduated to a new level of fun and understanding with MH, and it’s becoming my go-to game for short gaming sessions. So, so much to do — perhaps an endless amount, when you factor in all of the heroes and those coming. But better to have too much than not enough.

10 thoughts on “Marvel Heroes: How this game finally clicked for me

  1. I’m so glad you’re finding your rhythm in the game! So much is built account-wide. For example, gear tiers. Rather than raiding to get epic loot, you raid to buy account-wide crafting recipes that upgrade any character’s uniques. Or artifacts — you can pretty cheaply unbind them and toss them from one character to another.

    And there are awesome community things like the Immortals guild’s raids for non-raiders where you get a super experienced raider to walk you through your first raids. Because raids in this game are fast, fun, and non-punitive. (What a concept!!!)

  2. This is great! I am in the exact same spot with this game. A tip since you are enjoying building XP bonuses to your characters: Use your Omega points for new characters on the attribute, Intelligence. It also gives an XP bonus. Pets can also have +Intelligence on their ‘unique’ upgrade. I have an ‘Old Lace’ dinosaur mini pet that has +2 to Intelligence that goes on every new hero I level. Seer’s Brilliance(Uru forged items can get this bonus at the Enchanter) offers a 100XP buff too! Have fun, man! If you are ever looking to join a Super group. I have a small, family friendly one. I am WoolyDub in-game as well. Shoot me a tell if you’d like to join up!

  3. Kinda have a love/hate relationship going with this game atm. Much as I love Rocket Raccoon (especially with the GotG movie enhanced skin), it’s a real slog getting him from 50 to 60 for the account wide xp bonus, and I’m determined to do that before getting stuck into my next character, Scarlet Witch (who rose up to second on my list of characters to level after the latest Avengers movie and her recent 52 review). I already levelled her to 20 to make sure I’d enjoy her playstyle—and I did, immensely—but yes…5 levels to go on RR before I’ll let myself get back to her. I can’t even imagine the time you’d have to put in in order to get cosmic prestige a character. Levelling a character to 60, what, five times? And then a sixth time that requires 25 times the normal amount of xp. It does my head in that some people have actually done that O_o

  4. Here’s a handy little leveling tip: Though the Story mode is pretty well shunned by most folks at the moment, there are a few quests that are worth it. For leveling, If you go to the end of stage 7 (Sinister Lab), mess with the computer, then kill Sinister, Professor X will give you a two hours +50% XP potion. This can be done three times per character (once per difficulty level), and multiples will extend the time on the bonus. The only annoying part of this is that you’ll need to unlock the waypoint once per difficulty level, but at least once you unlock it all of your characters will have access to it.

  5. Liking the MH updates. I have my Cyclops at 37 but still going strong. It’s so easy to jump in for an hour to wind down after work. Love cruising areas on the hog or to make a quick getaway. My next alt is Iron Man because of the similar play styles and well he is Iron Man. Working through the story with him as well.

    I’ve read in comments that Hawkeye is fun. Not heard much about Colossus. Thou I’ll try melee classes later (I’ve got Psylocke and Nightcrawler lined up).

    Look forward to reading more tips.

  6. Your posts have got me to fire it up, and actually play it past level 10.

    I now have a 44ish Cyclops, and will probably grind him up over the next day or two as high as I can. I enjoy games that can be played as Mindless Fun as needed. Especially when they have a bit more depth if you want it lurking right there in the background.

  7. These recent MH posts have been really helpful, thanks! It made me realize there was still a lot I didn’t know about the game, so I went back and finished watching the 3 1/2 hour basic guide. It really is a lot of great information. I like how you referred to the roster as your main character, that’s a good way to understand this game as compared to traditional MMOs.

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