WildStar: Waving goodbye to Wilderrun

robot1When giant robot corpses litter the landscape, perhaps it’s time to question why you want to colonize a planet that’s killed them. Just a thought.

robot2Last night I put my final touches on exploring and questing through Wilderrun in WildStar. It’s been a long trip through it, although not an entirely unpleasant one. I fully expected to be annoyed by the jungley biome, but apart from the lack of several taxi paths, it was actually quite fun to traverse and especially explore. I don’t think any in-game mount is going to top scooting around on WildStar’s hoverboard, especially when I launch off a high point and do that double-kick move in mid-air.

I haven’t felt particularly rushed to get through this zone, either. I think I’m at 42 or 43, so level 50 is definitely in sight, but the endgame for me will probably be doing contracts, working on my house, and maybe doing dailies while I ponder an alt — so no hurry to get there. Actually, with the last big patch’s change to challenges, I’ve kind of gotten hooked on doing those. There were a few spots in Wilderrun where I’d come across two or three good challenges in an area with desirable rewards, so I’d just hang around there, do those, and grind mobs while I waited for the timer on them to reset. And that, boys and girls, is the story of how Syp got a fish pump for his zen pond.

I do kind of wish I had been faithful in leveling up my cooking skill, which still sits at 1. Most fights I come out pretty OK, with my bots and shields taking most of the damage, but once in a while I’ll get thumped and then have to watch my health slowly regenerate. Sure, I could buy food from the vendors, but it’s kind of expensive and I’m a penny-pincher in this game. There is SO MUCH to spend money on in WildStar: Housing items, outfit dyes, resurrecting on the spot, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough plat to get a single CREDD — at least not any time soon.

Maybe if I ever do level up my Esper, I’ll focus more on crafting and cooking with her. I’ve always meant to get back to being an architect and designing a truly awesome housing plot, instead of a ramshackle collection of the junk I’ve found.

One other thing I’ve been doing is working on tweaking a nice shotgun build. I really like what I have now, but sometimes I want a more mobile fighting style that uses bolt caster to great effect. Let me tell you, I’ve fallen in love with the repairbot as one of my two (assaultbot is usually my other). It not only does a bit of nice damage, but its constant shield regen on me is a literal lifesaver.

4 thoughts on “WildStar: Waving goodbye to Wilderrun

  1. Trust me. As someone who is leveling their cooking skill… you DO NOT want to level your cooking skill. It is THE ONLY PROFESSION that is “broken”. It costs so much plat to buy the mats, or painful hours to grind enough to make 5 of something… it’s terrible.

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