My Marvel Heroes strategy sheet

cyclopsCyclops? Kind of growing on me. I’m not big on his “perfect teacher” persona, but I can’t deny that he’s more than just a boring pew-pew machine. His richochet blast is a good basic power, his “Visor Off!” is a visually stunning signature on a one-minute timer, and the guy gets his own motorcycle that costs zero spirit to use. Seriously, I am in love with his ride.

Anyway, I promised to share my Marvel Heroes notes that I’ve been taking over the past couple of weeks with all of you. These are mostly just for me and aren’t comprehensive, but instead help me suss out parts of the game that I previously didn’t fully understand. If they help you guys too, then why not put them up?

General Tips

  • Keep all uniques!
  • Splinters for heroes, cash for stash, shards for cards
  • Do daily terminals for cube shards, trade to Clea for cards
  • Keep the best of the artifacts (marvel heroes forums and to figure out which are the good ones – maximum rolls)
  • Crafting mats: keep refined, complex, and pure (can break them down)
  • Keep purple/cosmic rings (damage, crit damage)
  • Cosmic medallions give +2 to all powers, very useful
  • Keep blue/purple insignias
  • Story mode is important but slow leveling. you get power points, permanent stat increases, useful buffs. Do three times, one for each difficulty level.
  • Fastest way to level is x-defense to 20, then legendary quests
  • Get 4 heroes to 60 for synergy, everyone else to 30 and then 50
  • Hitting 60 isn’t worth it past those 4 unless you’re planning to keep the characters
  • Shared quest: daily quest the entire server shares (omega points)

Crafting vendor

  • Uses elements
  • Add affixes to costume, get offensive x 4
  • Adds costume cores, more affixes, level them up
  • Can upgrade epics to cosmic (expensive, do not do)
  • Unbind uniques
  • Costume effects
  • Trade in dupe uniques


  • Enchantment uses runes
  • Can trade runes
  • Runewords – runes plus uru-forged items
  • Good cheap leveling runewords to get: seer’s brilliance (xp, int, spirit) for lake and year runes; brigand’s fortune (spirit, xp, rif, sif, speed, less damage, speed)
  • Blessings give specific bonuses – artifacts and odin marks, changes them to blessed artifacts

Legendary item vendor @ Odin’s Palace

  • Legendary items 300 odin marks each, very powerful, but you have to level them up (long time). save for MAIN characters
  • Siege cases: random items, not that great


  • Cyclops: +10% XP at level 50
  • Deadpool: Rare Item Find and special item find
  • Gambit: Bonus credits and rare item find
  • Storm: Spirit

3 thoughts on “My Marvel Heroes strategy sheet

  1. I would level “other” heroes to 52, not 50. At 52 your Ultimate ability unlocks and those are fun and almost always worth having.

    Gear: Keep anything that gives Spirit, particularly Slot 1 gear that gives Spirit on Defeat/Basic power use. Donate anything else to Crafter and then Enchanter and then Pets.

  2. The 50-60 stretch isn’t that comparable to other MMOs, so yeah, if you’re starting out and just want the synergies, 50 is fine – but I’m still usually pushing through to 60. Gotta catch ’em all! šŸ™‚

  3. And keep an eye out for increased XP events. Even 50-60 can be blown through pretty quickly with some crazy high XP bonuses.

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