Fallout 2: Family reunion

(This is part of my journey going checking out Fallout 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

While I generally like and even prefer isometric views for my CRPGs, there is one thing that I don’t like: It’s impossible to see the faces of the characters (except in pop-ups) and really identify with them visually. I mean in the above picture, my character (in the middle of the gate) looks exactly the same as the guard to the right because we’re wearing the same metal armor. Just ants moving around on a playfield.

Anyway, with a day pass secured due to my silver tongue, we’re going to get to see inside Vault City without having to make much of a fuss.

fa2Make no mistake, the inside of Vault City is probably the single nicest location in all of Fallout 2. Everything is nice and neat and orderly. And that means, of course, that this is probably worse than anywhere else in the game.

Everyone working on the landscape is cowed in fear of the Citizens, and there’s a large ominous corrections facility right in the middle. I made a beeline straight for the vault door, but the guards refuse to let any non-Citizen through it. Shucks. I’m half-tempted to open fire.

fa3Instead, I head to the pharmacy and buy some Rad-Away, then bring it back to the sick fella and cure him of radiation poisoning. It gets me just 100 XP (for around $780 spent on the cure), but that’s enough to push me over the next level!

fa4Back in Vault City, a routine search of the maintenance center turns up more than we’d expected: Vic’s daughter, Valerie. And BOY is she ticked at Vic for being away so long. In an in-game scripted moment, the two of them bicker back and forth, establishing that Val’s mom is dead and Vic ain’t so good at repairing stuff. I love that my character actually gets his own lines, eventually telling them to shut it.

So here’s a good tip for those playing: Don’t touch Val’s bookshelf right there. If you do, she — and the guards — turn hostile against you. In a neat touch, so does Vic, because family sticks together.

fa5I’m not so much the murdering type. The stealing type, now yes I am. Val’s back room has a half-dozen locked lockers, which gives me ample practice for my lockpicking skills. Four minutes, 200 XP, and tons of great loot later, and I walk out whistling.

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