Fallout 2: Filing my TPS report

(This is part of my journey going checking out Fallout 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

So bad news, everyone: Vault City used up their GECK already to make the town. And by the looks of it, the GECK worked rather well, with the side issue of creating some sort of fascist state.

The game makes it pretty clear what my steps need to be if I’m not going to fight my way in. I’ll need to become a Vault City citizen — somehow — then go into the vault, access the central computer, and find out where other vaults in the area might be.

ca2You know what every paradise city in the middle of the wasteland needs? A giant prison right in the middle of the block. Man, this place makes my back itch. I want to clear it out and start a revolution! Viva la Syp!

ca3All paths lead to the Central Council and its leader, First Citizen Lynette. Let’s see what kind of reception I’ll get.

ca4Suffice to say, I do not pass the citizenship test. This is probably how it would go down in real-life, too.

ca5Lynette says that I have a second option to become a citizen. I would need to travel to the Gecko Power Plant and deal with some people/creatures that are polluting the water (and Vault City in the process). Fine, I guess I’ll take this path, although the beaurocracy on display here is infuriating. To the power plant!

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