Marvel Heroes: The sound of my DOOM!

spineMan, I do NOT thing spines are supposed to bend that way. Or legs. What do I *do* to you, poor henchman?

It’s genuinely hard to game anywhere else than Marvel Heroes right now with all of the anniversary goings on… erm, going on. Every day Gazillion keeps jacking up the XP bonus, which increases the desire to speed-level more of my roster to the cap. Although I have to say that even as I’m having fun playing other characters, I am starting to miss the style and quotes of Squirrel Girl. I think she and I will need to have a date soon.

So I finished getting Cyclops to level 60 and tucked him into long-term storage. Oh, he was fun enough, with his motorcycle and massive cone attack and his ping-ponging eye beams. A straight-forward ranged damage-dealer with some interesting “summons,” but ultimately he didn’t excite me and I never quite warmed up to his character. That’s OK, I’ll take his XP bonus and be happy for it.

armyWith the Cyclops Project done, I started to waffle on what to do next. Rocket Raccoon was a possibility, but he’s more of a temporary fling kind of guy. I know I should level Scarlet Witch, but I’ve been a little turned off by seeing her practically everywhere and feeling as though she’s the FOTM.

So instead I turned to Rogue and decided to make an honest go at her. Players with far more time on their hands than I have compiled a list of all of the powers she can steal, and so I used that to pick and choose a selection for — why not — a summoner build. While Rogue can steal from everyone, she does have some limitations: only one set power from each hero/villain, and some of them have limits as to how many of that type you can steal.

However, I got enough to make me happy: Iceman’s ice golem, Mole Rat’s moloids (or however they’re spelled), and Squirrel Girl’s squirrels. Then I coupled that with a couple of summon artifacts, Mr. Sinister’s medallion, and the Magik team-up. Magik is quickly becoming my favorite team-up after the whole 2.0 revamp, as she has her own summons. Between the two of us, we’re a virtual army. I just summon them all to a fight and then sit back and plop down AOE fields while occasionally shooting out Scarlet Witch’s chaos hexes. It’s relaxing.

I think I could get her to 60 in a day or so if I can get in a few hours. With Midtown Monday today, I’m going to see how far I can go in both levels and with gear.

spideyLast week’s patch was simply glorious. Respeccing is a lot more convenient and enjoyable now, and as I said, Team Up 2.0 has given a new lease on life to your companions.

Of course, everyone seems to be head-over-heels for the addition of Doctor Doom. There were Dooms as far as the eye can see in the base and the maps, growling out metallic one-liners and summoning doombots all over the place. I did pick him up, because of my weakness with pets, but I don’t think I’ll be playing him for a while. I’m not the biggest fan of his look, especially with the giant cape, but he’ll be there for whenver I work up the interest.

I did get a series of fortune cards with him, one of which gave me the Spider-Man Noir costume (above), which totally made my night. I didn’t even know that outfit existed, and I think it’s absolutely (pun intended) spectacular. Of course, now that has to vie for the white foundation Spidey costume as my favorite. Guess I’ll need to play him at some point!


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