WildStar: Building a new home

As I mentioned last week, my WildStar time has been consumed by going on new adventures with a lowbie Spellslinger called Syppi Widdershins (hit me up in game on Entity!). The different playstyle coupled with the move back to the Settler path has left a good feeling in my tummy, and I’ve blazed my way through Algeroc already.

My primary goal with this character is to enjoy what I like in the game the most, which is casual questing and home building. I’ve been working on making a comfy virtual nest in several ways.

The first is through tracking down challenges that reward FABkits and decor, then doing those until I get what I want. However, when I really want to stock up on decor I head to Thayd and do a series of three challenges within five minutes, each of which have a shot at granting a bag that holds a random decor object.

My route goes as follows:

  • Thayd Sprint: Start at the north section and do this fast race down to the south. I’ve got it down so that I can hit the finish line in less than a minute and get the gold rating.
  • Then right north of the finish line is Fortune’s Advertising. Pass out flyers to prospective shoppers. I only do 14 of these to get the bronze rating, because I’m not a complete masochist. That takes about one minute.
  • While the timer runs down on that one, I hop up the stairs to the north and start One Exile’s Trash. Twelve pieces of trash later (another minute) to get me a silver rating, and by then the first challenge has completed.

It’s a nice, breezy series of challenges, and what I really like is that I am getting good stuff no matter what. There are dyes, crafting components (which I now need), and vendor-able stuff, so even if I don’t get decor, oh well. It’s so breezy, in fact, that sometimes I log on to my old Engineer, run through it, then do the same on my Spellslinger.

The second way — and this feels like a bit of a cheat — is by soliciting donations from my guild. We have a very active crafter who loves making housing stuff, so she sent me three pieces of mail stuffed with a variety of goods. With that, I was able to deck out my cozy Exile human house (Carbine, why no Mordesh house?) in no time flat.

“Cozy” is real estate talk for “really dang tiny,” which is apt when it comes to this house. There’s just not a lot of floor space, and apart from making another floor myself, I had to pick and choose between decor as to how I wanted to decorate. I settled on a kitchen area, a living room, and a tiny partitioned bedroom. I picked and chose between my favorite items — such as a hanging clock, the nautical couch, and the fireplace — and created a space that feels welcoming and fun.

The third way is by leveling up my architecture profession. That will be a slow, little bit at a time exercise, but I’m excited to do it. I’ve already stocked up on mats and turned a couple of my housing plots to assist in the effort.

If I had one wish for housing plots, it would be to expand the size of the island to allow for more FABkit spots. It’s almost suffocating how few (6) of them you can utilize, especially when you need half of them for crafting (garden, salvage plot, crafting station). Right now my entire island is full up, and I’m only level 16.


One thought on “WildStar: Building a new home

  1. Rowan June 10, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    Can’t you split the crafting FABkits across the plots of different characters?

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