WildStar: Heading back to the open frontier

m1After a couple of weeks of fooling about with my Mordesh Spellslinger, I’ve been feeling increasingly convicted that I needed to get back to my Engie. Maybe it’s when the newness of an alt wears off and you realize that you’ve got a lot of repeated content to plow through to get to the stuff you haven’t seen — and your high-level is right there.

Another big concern is my in-game finances. I’m practically broke and questing on a low-level is not a fast path to refilling my coffers. It would be really great if I could start raking in enough to buy CREDD to cover my summer subscription until free-to-play hits, but that might be a while yet.

m2So I switched back over, parking my Spellslinger in Thayd to run challenges for loot and took my Engineer to Malgrave for the first time. And after a couple of hours there last night, I felt very pleased with my decision.

Coming after the dense jungle biome of Wilderrun, Malgrave is a welcome return to the “wild west” feel of Algaroc. It’s definitely more of a desert than Malgrave’s southwest charm held, but I’m enjoying the wide open spaces and line-of-sight to targets too much to care about the lack of pine trees.

Plus, there are cowboy Freebots. And Llop. And Protostar. That’s like my favorite NPC line-up right there. Man, I’d love to play a Freebot character with a duster.

And egads, the quest density. I started vacuuming them up, left and right, filling up my log and giving me more than enough to do. A particular highlight was heading into a crashed ship that apparently had a Chua holographic AI take it over. It was a neat example of telling a story not just in quest text, but in the environment and speech bubbles.

I also got a kick out of the assignment to kill Spidertron by Protostar. The company made the important distinction that it would not be paying for the live delivery of Spidertron. I get the feeling that it’s been burned before.

m3It wasn’t all questing and killing in the wild, wild west. With lots of new costume pieces, I couldn’t resist putting together a new outfit for my Engie. Let me tell you this, I would kill for some white dye. I don’t even want to look it up on the auction house, because I’m quite sure that it’s far beyond my reach. Plus, my money would be better spent on housing upgrades and CREDD.

Anyway, I felt pleased with the final result. Used a dark, dark gray and a bold red as the color scheme, and picked pieces that left my fingers and toes free. Kind of going for a parkour look here. I can’t wait to get more costume slots; four is simply not enough.

Another item on my to-do list is to redo my housing plot from the ground-up. It looks very slap-dash compared to what I had on my Spellslinger. I’m swapping out FABkits to try to create a more uniform look, and I used the handy vendor to reclaim my lost festival FABkits. I’m torn between buying a spacious home for 3 plat or saving up. A new ground cover would be welcome as well. Choices, choices!


2 thoughts on “WildStar: Heading back to the open frontier

  1. ironweakness June 15, 2015 / 12:38 pm

    Would you prefer a single housing plot for all your characters, or do you like having multiple plots? Or maybe a single inventory of housing items shared across characters? Something to allow alts to benefit from progression on other characters. Like in SWTOR, where you can have multiple houses or share one for your entire legacy and utilize the components account wide as well, but with the freedom of WildStar’s housing.

  2. Syp June 15, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    I always like having one house per character, because I see it as linked to that character’s journey (and sometimes theme). I never liked LOTRO’s shared housing, for example.

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