WildStar: Ode to Lifty

lifty1In the Exile capital of Thayd there are many unusual sights, if you’re willing to slow down and take the time to look. One that’s been charming me over the past few weeks is seeing Lifty come through.

lifty2Lifty is a hover lift that goes on an endless circuit with its cargo. It’s an utterly unremarkable piece of machinery save for one thing.

lifty3When Lifty encounters players, it doesn’t merely go through them or bump them aside. Oh no. Lifty picks them up and takes them along for the ride.

lifty4Thus, it’s not uncommon to spot Lifty dragging along two or three AFK players, sometimes on mounts, all over the city. Sometimes I even like to hitch a ride myself, because what are video games for if not to take you on a sight-seeing tour.

Oh Lifty, you are wonderous. Never change, good buddy!


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