WildStar: Keeping the holo-homefires burning

house1If my kids ever see me launch WildStar, they’ll beg to see my house. They love the housing section far more than seeing any adventuring areas, probably because they have a say in where I put things. Sometimes I get critical feedback like, “Don’t put that THERE. That looks UGLY!” and “Is that dragon on the wall going to eat us?” It’s very helpful.

Anyway, as part of my rebuilding efforts on my Engineer, I scrapped my old starship house and decided to start over with a cozy exile house (I like the little kitchen area, sue me). The starship was neat in many ways, but it was very hard to work with and kind of visually dominated the landscape.

house2One of the first things I did with this house was to build a second story. I don’t need some gobsmackingly large house (Guild Wars 2’s idea of guild housing was so large that it felt like a turn-off to me), but there’s some nice vertical space in this structure and I felt that it’d be a waste not to get a second floor out of it. Wasn’t too hard in the end, although the stairs look a little weird. At least it works.

house3I also turned the lighting from “cute” to “really dark.” I wanted to experiment with lighting here, and lighting shows up best when everything’s pretty dark.

One thing I’m pretty proud of was putting a light behind the Aurin stained glass window up there so it looks like there’s light streaming in. I had to cover up a dangling part of it upstairs with a dresser, but I felt pleased with the end result.


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