The Secret World: Orochi’s dirty laundry

or1It’s my current, gradual, long-term goal in The Secret World to experience and beat all of the floors of the Orochi Tower. I love the fact that there are so many weird floors that show off the different facets of this messed-up mega-corporation.

I love less the fact that TSW makes it a headache to methodically explore all of the floors. First of all, you can only do them in a mission that’s on an 18-hour (I think) cooldown, and each mission run allows for three floors. Eight companies, three floors apiece, that’s 24 total. But you get a random assortment of the three, so finishing up the last few will probably be annoying. I heard there are ways to cut down on the randomness, but could it have hurt Funcom to, y’know, just let us pick which three floors we wanted to do that day? Or let us do all 24 in a row?

or2What I love is that each floor usually has a story to tell with its details and events. This floor was looking into ways to develop synthetic blood and werewolf sausages for the more supernatural demographic.

Love these posters. I would totally hang these up in my office, even though they’d get me fired the next day.

or3Or, y’know, create protein bars from giant mutated locusts that are currently devouring your entire R&D staff.

The “yum!” is what makes this diagram pop.

or4If you have a computer AI in a video game, then it will have a female voice and display a svelte blue hologram. That’s video game law.

Right now I’m butting my head against the final confrontation with Orochi’s AI, Aimee. Her riddles were laughably easy, but this final fight in a cramped room has caused me to rage-quit twice now. I got pretty far on the final fight, but once there were several moving laser fields, a projection throwing lasers my way, and little healbots keeping a shield around the mainframe, I had to call it a day. As I said on Twitter, TSW needs to sell controllers so that I have something to toss across the room after some of these boss fights.


One thought on “The Secret World: Orochi’s dirty laundry

  1. Sylow June 22, 2015 / 4:11 am

    On choosing your floor, my girl got a “choose your floor” item from one of reward containers you get from the missions there. It allows you to change the company of any card you get. Unfortunately it was a one-use item (we were not sure about it based on the description so we just tested it), it would be nice to have a few more. So since we also only hit the tower once or twice a week, we still have to go for a while before the cartographer achievement due to the omega floors.

    On the fight you mention, i didn’t have that one yet, but am looking forward to it. It sounds interesting and challenging, after all. In contrast i yesterday had the vali omega floor and once again found how sick some stuff there is. [A pointer: how many organs of a captured bee can be around, considering that a bee regenerates damage? ]

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