Marvel Heroes: Doctor Octopus, we meet for the 174th time!

The entirety of my Marvel Heroes world has shrunk down to a single instance: the Kingpin’s warehouse cosmic terminal. For the past five or six days, whenever I play Marvel Heroes, this is what I’m doing — blitzing through the map to do some endless farming of Doctor Octopus.

Doc Oc has an item that Squirrel Girl’s summoning build very much needs, the awesome Octobot Controller. It’s just way too good to pass up and possibly the best in slot for that unique. He supposedly does drop it at a terribly low rate, although the game throws you a pity bone by automatically giving it to you if you’ve killed him 500 times in the cosmic terminal. So at least there’s a finish line, albeit one that is quite far away.

I’m around 200 kills so far, having gotten quite good at quickly navigating the semi-randomized map to getting straight to the boss fight. I can do the whole thing in under two minutes, which averages out to about 30 kills an hour. Sixteen and a half hours of this? Yes, it could well drive me insane. But I’m okay with it.

For starters, I have nothing better to be doing right now on Squirrel Girl. She’s the character I’ve chosen to be the one that I gear up the most, so I don’t mind working on her as a long-term goal. And I’m not forcing myself to farm; it’s just what I’ve been wanting to do lately. It’s quite relaxing and can be done in small chunks.

Plus, I’m finding that I’m knocking out a lot of other goals by doing this, as repetitive as it is. I already got a nice drop that was another desired unique for my build, the Latvarian monarch cloak, which saves me from additional farming in the future. I’ve been running some strong buffs for these runs, and have been accomplishing the following:

  • The tons of XP I’m raking in for the cosmic boss kill gives me an Omega Point about every run (if not two). My OPs have been pretty skimpy to date, so this is helping them beef up to a respectable number, something that benefits all of my characters.
  • I’m leveling up my team-ups to the cap. I finished Magik and am almost done with Arachne.
  • Since all I need right now are uniques, I’m vacuuming up all of the loot right into my pets. I capped two so far, with the new baby Groot almost there as well. I also just built a mini-sentinel pet, so he’s next on my to-do list to level.
  • I’m getting the occasional unique and relic, but tons and tons of runes. I’ve restocked my bank full of runes and then some!

I’ll be taking a break from all of this tonight to level up some other characters through Midtown Madness. My true hope is that the controller drops well before 500 kills, however, but I’m not holding my breath.


One thought on “Marvel Heroes: Doctor Octopus, we meet for the 174th time!

  1. Llokki June 22, 2015 / 9:48 pm

    Gratz on the cloak drop! My Rocket Raccoon will likely be grinding for most (if not all) of the same summoner gear soon. Just not sure if I want to prestige him once more (to blue) and do super-heroic mode first or not. I’ll see how I feel once I’ve hit cap on green I suppose. Fingers crossed for both of us that the controller drops pre 500 kills!

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