WildStar: Ghostbusters

ghost1Malgrave continues to impress and entertain me in WildStar, drawing off all sorts of wild west tropes for inspiration.

Yesterday’s adventures took place in the not-so-inspired town name of Gravestone. I guess the inhabitants didn’t take the title of the town as an ominous portent, as they stayed there until they were slaughtered by a gang of cowboys looking for some sort of treasure. Naturally, with Nexus’ weird voodoo in effect, both the townsfolk and the gang members have returned as ghosts, and it was up to me to put things right.

I enjoyed the details of the town design, particularly the gallows, the gravestones, and the falling-apart buildings. It really did manage a spot-on impression of a (sorry) ghost town. I took my time going through this; there were not only the quests, but a scientist mission and a challenge as well. The challenge gave me a terrific stocked trophy cabinet decor (with blinking Christmas lights!) that went well in my house’s den.

ghost2None of this was that challenging at all. I’m barely getting XP, as this is level 40 content and I’m already level 45 or 46. But I have no desire to leap-frog over stories and zones I haven’t seen yet, and I’m in no rush to hit the endgame wall. Unlike many of my guild colleagues, attunement is not a goal of mine.

One of the things I’ve noticed about WildStar is that the quest dialogue — as short as it is, with the “tweet-sized” philosophy going on — is quite entertaining if one takes the time to actually read it. Plus there are often those question mark side bars you can take for more details, which I’ve been doing. What I’ve discovered is that so many of the quest givers aren’t quite right in the head and my character has an incredulous and sarcastic outlook on their missions. Oh, she’ll do them, of course, but she’ll be rolling her eyes at why (for example) a bloodthirsty Lopp wants me to collect all of the feet of the bandits in the area. For a foot pile?

Did I mention that I got a Lopp deputy vanity pet from another Malgrave challenge? It absolutely made my day, and now I have this hopping pint-sized cowboy traveling along with me always.

I’ll leave you with this funny bit of discovered lore from Gravestone, which elicited a chuckle from me:



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