WildStar: Syp’s party of five

party1Probably one of the things that I enjoy most when I solo is to be running around as a pack. In Marvel Heroes, Squirrel Girl is constantly surrounded by squirrels, team-ups, and other summons. In WoW, I loved having a warlock/hunter pet out as well as a vanity pet. In Guild Wars 2, my Necro would often have several pets out at a time. And in WildStar, I’m all set up with a party of five.

It is a shame that I can only have out two bots at a time as an Engineer, because be assured that I would have them ALL out if given half the chance. Even so, I usually am running with my assault bot and my repair bot. The latter is just so dang helpful with constant shield regeneration and a touch of additional DPS. Then as a scientist, I usually have my scanbot out as well. Add on a vanity pet — right now my cowboy Lopp — and I’m a full party of five tearing up the landscape.

Why do I like this? What’s the appeal of running around as a pack?

It’s a different feel than when there’s only a single other NPC companion on the field. Controlling an entire group as a soloer makes me feel like I’m part of a task force, a danger squad. I mean, look at all of the cartoons we watched when we were kids: Ghostbusters, TMNT, Voltron, Jayce, MASK, GI Joe. They all worked as packs, and there was something thrilling about seeing a whole group like that head out into the mission zone together. That’s a bit of the same vibe that I get here. We’re like some weird rag-tag assembly on a mission to save the world.

And as an Engineer, it fits quite well to be surrounded by all of these robot companions (and a Lopp, but I can pretend he’s actually an android or somesuch).

Anyway, last night we ripped up more of Malgrave. Nothing special, just mopping up a few quests, including killing cattle so that vultures would come down and we could kill those. Poor cows — a sacrifice for the greater good. THE GREATER GOOD.

I’ve been reading about this fall’s patch with growing excitement. Neighborhoods sound completely awesome (who will be my neighbor? Taking applications!) and I really like the idea of simplifying the stats so that they actually make sense. Now can we do something about the mess that is the AMP panel? I mean, I’m glad all of them will be unlocked, but dang if that’s not a headache to page through.


One thought on “WildStar: Syp’s party of five

  1. Chestnut Stonebough (@ggchestnut) July 6, 2015 / 1:06 pm

    Supposedly they’re changing up how some AMPs work based on mentions in the Reddit AMA because some AMPs will make certain stats more desirable than others for specific classes.

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