SWTOR: Bodyguards ‘R Us

star1One upshot of my recent Final Fantasy XIV adventures is that I’ve come to realize that I have a deep desire to not only get back into the MMO dungeon scene, but to be a healer too. And that is a bit of a problem with much of my current line-up — mostly TSW, WildStar, and Marvel Heroes — all of which doesn’t quite offer me the experience to do that. I’m not set up as a healer in TSW (and don’t like the healing branches anyway), WildStar’s dungeons feel too frantic for me, and Marvel Heroes doesn’t really have healing characters and the traditional dungeon.

So in a weird way, FFXIV ended up pushing me right back into SWTOR’s arms. I had previously written SWTOR off for the summer until the expansion, but when I read the recent dev diary about flashpoint and operation changes, I thought that it might not be the worst idea in the world to roll up a new healer-focused character. I even subbed up for the time being, mostly to try the 12x leveling experience, but also because it gets me some extra goodies and allows my level 60 to snag the Yavin-4 companion gear sets that were previously denied to me as a F2P player.

Another nudge in this direction came when someone told me that — and I had no idea why I was ignorant of this — the bounty hunter offers a healing spec. That was perfect for me, since it would let me stay in my guild on the Empire side and play a non-force using class.

starrrrrSo Yeeti, Yeti’s older brother, was born. I went with another Chiss because the other races weren’t clicking with how I saw the character, but unlike Yeti, I’ll be playing him dark side through-and-through. Kind of a cutthroat merc who might be nice to his teammates but will never turn down a chance to get even or make a buck.

The 12x experience really is so much different than the traditional route. I wouldn’t want to do this on my first time through, and even now it’s making my eye twitch to be passing up all of these other (now unnecessary) quests. But I do appreciate how the personal story isn’t being broken up, but can be experienced straight through.

And then there’s the fact that you complete a mission and jump up two or three levels in a go. I haven’t even finished Hutta yet and I’m already level 13. I’ve had to buy some armor to make up for the lack of helpful quest rewards.

star3Still lugging around this corpse, I guess in my side pocket. Better turn it in soon or she’s going to start to smell.

I’m fairly excited about the potential to start running dungeons soon and try my hand at the bodyguard spec. Apart from heals, Yeeti is eschewing most of the bounty hunter toolset to focus on blaster skills. Hey, it’s just a for-fun character, and I get more enjoyment out of running around blasting things instead of shooting missiles and darts and flamethrowers, so why not?

I am looking forward to seeing the full bounty hunter quest line. I previously played a BH a couple of years back and got through most of chapter 1, but little past that.



4 thoughts on “SWTOR: Bodyguards ‘R Us

  1. goldenhornet July 15, 2015 / 12:26 pm

    Make sure you use the XP buff consumables they give you for completing story chapters otherwise you can fall slightly behind the XP curve by about level 40.

    Also, always take the basic commendations for the quest reward. They’ve radically dropped the prices of mods on the fleet vendors and you can completely upgrade your gear for about 50 comms. Grab a set of orange gear for you and your favourite companion and you’ll have no problems staying geared as you level.

  2. Telwyn July 15, 2015 / 12:34 pm

    I just did some of this myself on a an old Trooper alt. It’s a radically different experience from the norm and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend it for a deep experience but to get quickly up to speed for dungeons and raids it’ll work a treat.

  3. ironweakness July 15, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    Eventually you’ll have to complete two whole quests, two! Just to gain a level. It’s painful, really. They should speed up the leveling process of this game. Maybe 12x 12x XP.

    In all seriousness, I’m enjoying the XP boost. At first it was a bit of killjoy because prior to the change I was leveling with a mix of everything: dungeons, Warzones, GSF, and quests. Because of the efficiency of 12x I stopped doing those things and grew a little bored with the game.

    But now, I’m mostly interested in the story and less interested in the other activites so it fits my current mindset well. That’s the rub with 12x, it’s great if you only want the story but it devalues everything else the game offers if you’re looking for variety which is unfortunate because there’s a lot of good content besides the class stories.

  4. Zombiepirate July 16, 2015 / 5:12 am

    I’m glad it’s there, I levelled a Jedi toon for an RP plot NPC and needed level 50 so it only took a couple of evenings. Plus it meant I got to experience the story.

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