Marvel Heroes: Queen of the Squirrels

squirrelWell, I did it. After 500 runs through cosmic Kingpin’s Warehouse, I finished up my Doc Ock takedown achievement and got my coveted Octobot Controller. It’s a thing of beauty, too, with two additional levels of summon powers on top of other goodies. The controller is the last major piece of gear that I needed for her build, although I’m sure there’s still more to do to increase her stats.

I don’t mind having put in those 500 runs, either. In addition to the controller, I acquired countless runes, relics, a few very good uniques, and scads of omega points. I can’t check right now how many I’m up to, but it’s definitely a few hundred more than when I began.

Speaking of Squirrel Girl, I am beyond pleased that she’s got a new costume on the way (her Unbeatable Squirrel Girl outfit from the new comics). Love the detail on it, just wish it was here already.

Today’s the big Ant-Man update with the new story mode consolidation. I’m very interested in seeing how leveling goes with that now, especially since you only have to run through it all once. He’s not quite the summoner I was anticipating, but the more I’ve looked into his abilities and playstyle, the more I’m actually keen to get ahold of him. Should be going to see the movie this weekend too — it’s been getting good reviews. Sometimes you need a smaller superhero flick to balance all of the massive ones.


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