Marvel Heroes: Join our new supergroup, Massively Underpowered!

scarlet2So Braxwolf and I were talking about our frustration with finding an active supergroup in Marvel Heroes, which led us to founding our own. Last night, Massively Underpowered came into being, a semi-official guild for both Massively Overpowered, bloggers, and associated circles of gamers.

scarlet3If you’d like to join up with us, you’re more than welcome — just friend and message Sypster or Braxwolf in-game, and we’ll hook you up. We have no greater plans than to foster a thriving social community and to run group stuff together on occasion, which is perfect for the casual gamer.

While I’m still recovering from my mission trip last week and thus not quite up to long, late-night gaming sessions, I did manage an hour or so of Midtown Monday. This proved fortuitous for my Scarlet Witch, as I got her from 55 to 60 during that period, making her my fifth level 60. I don’t know if I’ll be decking her out after this point, but at least she’s there if I want the option. She’s pretty mindless to play, with AoE fields and really nice signature/ultimates. Sometimes you do want mindless, tho!

Now that she’s there at 60, I’m divided between getting Doctor Doom or Ant-Man the rest of the way. One and then the other, most likely. I’m still waiting for a Doctor Doom costume that isn’t GIGANTIC CAPES, although maybe I should stop holding my breath on that one. He does have tremendously fun powers and summons, tho.

scarletI took advantage of the bonus G sale this past weekend to splurge on a few purchases. Actually, I’m going to admit how dumb I was, because I didn’t read the finer print on another promotion they had going, which I thought was giving you two different random hero tokens for 450 G. Great deal, huh? Two heroes for less than the price of any one in the store. Except that what it actually is is a random selection of two identicial tokens — so either two more ultimate tokens for a hero you already have or a new hero and his/her ultimate upgrade.

Took me two purchaes to figure that one out. The first time I got two Black Panther tokens (who I already have), which I thought was a fluke. Then I got two Things — a new hero, fortunately — and wised up to what was going on.

With my remaining Gs, I bought two cheaper heroes, Black Widow and X-23. I also picked up a costume for X-23, which rewarded me with a bonus random costume — the warbird outfit for Ms. Marvel. That was a costume I was actually eying for her, so go me. At least I came out of it with a handful of new heroes to try out and some snazzy looks. It was all impulse purchases anyway, so no complaining here!

Anyway, if you want to join Massively Underpowered, look for me in-game or sent me a note and I’ll get you set up.

4 thoughts on “Marvel Heroes: Join our new supergroup, Massively Underpowered!

  1. Cool idea, no plans to play this one but if you guys set something up in some other game, I’d love to drop in. Best of luck!

  2. Aww, if I hadn’t only just joined a decent SG, I’d definitely join you guys. I also took advantage of the bonus G sale, and her recent rework, to grab Jean Grey’s new costume (the only half decent one she has imho).
    Congratz on your fifth lvl 60 btw. I’m only on three so far…can’t seem to stay away from my beloved Rocket for long, hehe.

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