New keyboard day!

keyboardMy old keyboard gave up the ghost the other day and I had been relying on the somewhat-adequate Amazon basic keyboard since. In the meanwhile I did some research on getting a new keyboard and had a few places convince me to give mechanical keyboards a try, especially since they’re supposed to be better for people who do a lot of typing. Which I do. Apparently.

So today I got my new Nixeus keyboard, prancing into the room while my wife wondered aloud why a grown man of my gravitas would be excited about getting a new keyboard.

Typing out this post is the first thing I’m doing on it. It’s faster and easier to use, for sure, although the board is much “chunkier” than my old one. It’s also smaller, lacking the ten number keys on the right-hand side. That will be better for my desk, which wasn’t big to begin with and has to hold my computer tower in addition to the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. It might require some relearning of finger memory, since I used the side numbers to do graphics resizing.

It’s also louder. I guess that’s a good thing? Some people like it more. I am indifferent to that — both quiet and loud are fine, although it will make typing while podcasting problematic (mute switch!).

Some people claim that mechanical keyboards are better for gaming. Again, I’ll have to see and chances are that I’m not leet enough to notice the difference. But I do appreciate a keyboard that works and doesn’t hog the entire desk.


7 thoughts on “New keyboard day!

  1. melbrankin August 1, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    Gratz! I did the same dance when I got my Corsair keyboard. They are fantastic for writers – found that my fingers really dont have a problem with tapping out thousands of words any more – which is kind of handy this far into writing book2.

    Once you go mechanical I cant see how anyone could return to the standard soft keys. I actually nabbed one at work too.

    Happy typing – look forward to reading all the results 😀

  2. mmojuggler August 1, 2015 / 8:14 pm

    I’m a keyboard geek and love my Ten Keyless keyboards (what the model without the numpad are called). I’ve got a RealForce 87U, a KUL (Keyed Up Labs), and a Type Matrix. And they are all awesome.

  3. C. T. Murphy August 1, 2015 / 8:56 pm

    I am pretty committed to my mechanical keyboard. It just sounds and feels so much better than anything else. It is louder, but that’s okay too.

    I am glad you got a tenkeyless though. Some people may need those extra buttons, but I adore having the extra space on my desktop. It’s also nice that my right hand is closer to the keys it needs to be typing. I think the last time I regularly used the numpad, I had mapped the boat commands from Ultima Online to it so I wouldn’t have to type ‘set sail’ (or whatever it was) over and over.

  4. Syp August 1, 2015 / 10:45 pm

    Part of me is having vivid flashbacks with this keyboard to my old IBM PC from the 80s — huge keys, chunkier, the click-clack.

    Part of me is panicking because my fingers are trained for a more traditional keyboard and keep reaching for the tenkeys, or the side return key, or a couple other keys that aren’t in the usual spot (print screen, etc.).

    But I also am liking just straight up typing on it. It does feel more responsive and gaming so far has been fine. So I will give it time.

  5. Missy August 2, 2015 / 5:46 am

    I love louder keyboards, I have no idea why, Guess I find the sound of typing soothing.
    But it doesn’t go well with recording game play :/

  6. Chestnut Stonebough (@ggchestnut) August 6, 2015 / 8:10 am

    Nice! I need a new keyboard–I’m still using the one that came with my computer when I got it two years ago. But that’s not the only thing I need to take care of with the computer, so we’ll see when I get around to it. 😛

    Be sure to give us an update on the keyboard and how it goes as you use it more! ^_^

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