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Marvel Heroes: Doctor Doom vs. Squirrel Girl

doomOver the last few days I finished getting Doctor Doom to 60 in Marvel Heroes, capping my sixth such 60. Last night I ran him through a couple of hours of Midtown Madness to gear up a bit, although unfortuantely all he was able to find were a few small upgrades to his character’s uniques. If I’m going to kit him up as a summoner I have a long way to go — not to mention more work to do on Squirrel Girl.

Still, I like him very much and have been thinking about how he plays as a summoner versus Squirrel Girl. This is somewhat ironic, since Squirrel Girl and Doom were foes in one notorious Marvel comic (in which SG won by overwhelming doom with her squirrel army). So how do they come out? Here’s a quick-and-dirty list comparing the two:


  • Although I am pleased with Doom’s God Emperor costume (especially put up against his other two outfits), I’m not a huge fan of capes on characters or playing male heroes. Squirrel Girl has a couple of terrific outfits and her unbeatable costume is on the way, so she gets the point here.


  • Squirrel Girl is voiced by Tara Strong and is an insanely upbeat, chipper character who makes hilarious comments and has a LOT to say on the subject of nuts. Doom is a pompous megalomaniac who is constantly putting other characters down, dismissing other Dooms as Doombots, and generally entertaining me with his snark. So this is a tie in my book.


  • Squirrel Girl’s travel power is a sumersault attack that drains spirit. Doom gets to fly (with his arms crossed, natch), regenerating power the entire time. Flying plus no resources used means that Doom is better.


  • I do like how straight-forward Doom’s summons are, which come in a set of three skills (plus a fourth for his doom drones from an artifact skill), although I’m less thrilled with the cooldown on them. Squirrel Girl needs to ramp up her squirrel army to full strength by using skills, which isn’t too hard since it takes using two or three of her mass skills to make that happen.
  • Squirrel Girl wins here because it’s a joy to see squirrels overrunning enemies, plus they seem to do a lot more damage (although she’s got much better gear than Doom at the moment).


  • Squirrel Girl’s hulkbuster squirrels are a must-use in my book for both their homing capabilities and how they contribute to squirrel friends. Doom has three signatures, although when I’ve got his army option activated, two of them aren’t able to be used. The one left is an airstrike which is… okay, but not my favorite. Squirrel Girl wins here.


  • Doom’s ultimate is the stuff of legends — a parade in which he’s hoisted on a throne and carried around as music plays and he shoots lightning and fireworks at foes. Squirrel Girl gets a less flashy but more useful screen-wide squirrel barrage. I’m calling this a tie, because both are good in their own ways.

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