My MMO firsts

anarchyToday I thought I’d write down a list of my MMO firsts (and pass on an easy topic to any other Blaugust writers!):

My first online gaming experince: Bulletin Board Systems

In the early 90s, I had a brief but fun experience checking out different online BBSes by dialing up people’s phone numbers and hooking into their computers. I did fiddle around with a couple games back then, including a space trading game and a Star Trek roleplaying board, but nothing super-serious.

My first MMO: Anarchy Online

I was vaguely aware of MMOs in the early 2000s, with some of my college friends hooked on EverQuest. I chose to wait for the more scifi-angled Anarchy Online instead, although my computer couldn’t handle an online connection very well (both in specs and with dial-up). I came back a year later and had more fun with the Shadowlands expansion, although I was still very much a hopeless newbie in all respects.

My first guild: City of Heroes

I never connected with other players in Anarchy Online, but that changed a couple of years later when I got big into City of Heroes. That game was all about grouping up and meeting other players, and I joined several different supergroups over the course of my stay in that game. Of course, it being so long ago I can’t really remember the names of any of them (friends or supergroups).

My first MMO love: World of Warcraft

Even with Anarchy Online and City of Heroes under my belt, World of Warcraft was what truly sucked me into the wider world of MMO gaming. It was here that I learned a lot of the intricacies of dungeon running, raiding, guild leadership, and the whole blog culture.

My first MMO blog: Warhammer Online

While my WoW guild had me write a couple of blog posts about the game way back when, I consider WAAAGH! my true foray into MMO blogging. For over a year I enjoyed writing about the lead-up and then post-launch experiences of WAR before transferring my flag here to Bio Break.

My first Massively assignment: Lord of the Rings Online

While I would end up writing about many games on Massively (and now Massively Overpowered), I was initially brought on board to take over the LOTRO column. I wrote Road to Mordor from 2010 to earlier this year and had a blast with it.

Blaugust #6: First!


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