Retro Gaming: Star Trek 25th Anniversary part 3

(This is part of my journey going checking out Star Trek 25th Anniversary. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Today we’re going to try to barrel through the entire second episode, Hijacked. Good luck to me!

Admiral Homework appears on screen to tell Kirk that the S.S. Masada has gone missing and that he should investigate. I guess stellar GPS devices have yet to be invented.

hi2When we get to the last known location of the Masada, some WWII pirate guy in a ship shows up and starts trying to blast us out of the stars. I *love* his getup, by the way. It would be like a modern Battleship commander to wear a 17th century captain’s getup. Stylish, if not timely.

So another battle sequences. While these aren’t horrible in Star Trek 25th Anniversary, they are fairly tedious: try to line up shots while occasionally going over to Scotty to tell him which part of the ship to fix. Eventually we win (I guess).

hi3And there’s the Masada orbiting the planet. Mission accomplished! We can all go home!

Or… not. Turns out that the ship has been HIJACKED! by these pirate guys who are holding the small crew hostage in exchange for the release of their clansmates by the Federation. Well, Kirk doesn’t acquiesce to terrorism. In fact, Kirk gets downright snarky at terrorism.

hi4And even though his snark results in getting two hostages killed, I feel okay with the choices that he made.

hi5Kirk takes a cue from the Wrath of Khan playbook by looking up the prefix code to the Masada and ordering its shields to be lowered. That gets him a free transporter trip over to the ship, although if it was up to me (and it sadly isn’t) I would have beamed up all 27 or so life forms, put them in storage, and then activated them one at a time while a fully armed team stands by to separate friend from foe.

So over at the Masada, things aren’t looking too good. The pirates shot up the transporter room something bad and there’s a sleeping crewman nearby. Shh… we know he’s dead, but we don’t want to scare the red shirt, do we? So “sleeping.”

Actually he’s unconscious and Bones revives Crewman Simpson. First name? Let’s go with Homer.

hi6After some monkeying about with McGuyver parts, the away team busts into the brig and takes out two pirates — permanently. I love this earlier, less compassionate era of Starfleet. Stun setting? Bah. And hey, there are still hostages left! Guess Kirk didn’t get all of them killed (only three to date).

Spock disarms a bomb(!) on the brig door and we get the hostages out.

hi7One really neat thing about this game is that it goes to great lengths to give you more than one path to your goal. For instance, to get on the bridge I could fix the teleporter and teleport in (which I do) or charge up phaser welders and disable the shield in front of the door. Then inside, I could either talk the pirate down or simply shoot everyone. It was a bloodbath and I lost the red shirt, but it was quite satisfying.

And Kirk doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.

Admiral Homework is really P.O.’d, giving me a 40% rating, but hey, she knew who she was sending in. And that’s the end of that episode!


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