Project Gorgon: Psychic mantis spies

qa1I feel that I am nowhere near to having a grasp on how Project Gorgon ticks. I am enjoying all of its weirdness and the discoveries, however.

So yeah, the game has psychic mantis spies. I was slowly exploring the first big town in the game when suddenly this praying mantic with a bowler cap comes out of nowhere and attacks me. I follow its trail back to a house, where a note suggests that there’s a low-level invasion going on with the ultimate purpose to steal carpets. I can’t even.

qa2If you were to ask me for one essential piece of newbie advice from what I’ve learned so far, it’s that you really need to take your time with the tutorial cave and explore and do everything in it. I keep getting pulled back in there, although this might be the last night doing it.

For starters, I got a louse comb from getting my favor high enough with the girl in the cave. Used the comb and presto, no more lice. Then I asked general chat if anyone wanted to team up on the boss and got several responses back. The invite system is weird in this game — you have to be in close proximity to form a group. But group up we did and took the big-headed guy down. Once he died, my curse went away and my head shrunk back to normal. For kicks, we also took down the megaspider as well.

qa5Finally, I put together some ingredients for a pick-me-up potion to give to the first NPC in the cave, who in turn granted me the psychology combat skill (in which you ask monsters about their mothers and apparently that hurts them). The one missing thing I needed for the potion was a bottle of water, which turned out to be as easy as standing in a pool of water and clicking on an empty bottle.

Nothing like killing a mob with “fatal levels of shame,” though!

qa3At least the boring icons usually have pretty entertaining descriptions. Also, I got an awesome new shirt! It’s the grossest possible thing.

qa4In other news, elves suck at everything.

qa6As I indicated earlier, I spent some time exploring the intro town. There’s a lot to see and do, with nearly every NPC offering a favor quest or two. Some of the buildings are downright ugly or not decorated, but there are plenty of points of interest.

For example, I found out that killing random chickens can actually tick off an NPC. I lost favor with the fletcher when I committed fowl play.

qa7Here’s something I wish I had found earlier. There’s a tab on the quest menu that has “stuff to do” with a list of beginning activities. Since this is much more of a free-form game with tons of goals, I appreciate a list to get one started.

Seriously, I have SO MANY things to do right now, I don’t even know where to start. Just pick something and go for it, I guess.

qa8After taking a power nap on a gardener’s bed, I encountered a teaching golem who had a math problem for me. Seriously? Math? In an MMO? Perish the thought!

qa9This was interesting — I found what looked like a music band of players. Listened for a while. It was… music, I guess.

qa10And then I milked a cow because I could. Rumor has it that you can also milk player cows and their milk is of a better quality. I really do need to become a cow soon.


One thought on “Project Gorgon: Psychic mantis spies

  1. Tamás August 12, 2015 / 12:46 am

    Yes, you can milk player cows, if they agree. And it seems no matter what they say in chat you’ll only get “moo”.

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