WildStar: Yes, I will take more free stuff please

cosI’ve always seen getting account freebies as unnecessary but delightful toppings in addition to the core game experience. I won’t lie; starting new characters in LOTRO, RIFT, or SWTOR and seeing the pile of extras they get right from the start is exciting. It’s like a mini-Christmas where I already know what the gifts contain but pretend I have no idea.

So today we learned a bit more about what players will get for their “loyalty” to WildStar (i.e. “having spent money on the game and might spend money in the future”). Since I already consider money spent to have already given me plenty (game time/experience plus digital goodies from the deluxe edition), I don’t feel that any of this is needed. But if you’re handing it out? I will not complain. I love swag as much as the next gamer guy or gal.

Since WildStar is pretty much borrowing any and all F2P systems from other MMOs, this is a reprise of the loyalty meter that you might have also seen in, say, RIFT. It’s not a terrible thing. On one hand, you could look at it as pressure/incentive to spend more to get these tiered rewards. On the other hand, you could look at it as freebies for money you spent/were going to spend anyway. I prefer the latter, because I am never going to blow money on a game just to make a meter go up.

There are some nice rewards hinted at here, including costumes, pets, and account boosts. There’s also the new Osun house, which is far too big and ostentatious for my tastes. Considering that I bought the deluxe edition and have several months subscription under my belt, I should be somewhere around tier 3 or 4.

I’ve seen on twitter that some people are irked that CREDD redeemers only get 1000 points versus 3000 for those who sub up a month, but considering that CREDD purchasers also get 4000 points, I don’t see the issue. They’re giving more loyalty points to those paying real money for the CREDD and some extra for those who cash the CREDD in, 5000 points total. Maybe I’m missing something.

From a marketing perspective, this should help F2P by getting old players to come back — “Hey, you got some free gifts here. Just gotta log in to get them! And while you’re here, why not see what’s what?” Slick.


4 thoughts on “WildStar: Yes, I will take more free stuff please

  1. David Bass (@doctordake) August 19, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    Maybe I’m doing the math wrong, but it sounds like if you bought the game and subbed for 6+ months at launch you’ll already be capped on this system when it goes live? Not that that’s a bad thing, but I was expecting more incentives to spend more money.

  2. sheekiziz August 21, 2015 / 1:46 am

    I’d be at the bottom of Tier 3 and I bought the game at launch and only subbed for 1 month. Pretty pleased with that if my interpretation of the system and calculations are correct. Grand Poobah costume, aw yeah 😛

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