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Marvel Heroes’ Mystic Mayhem is a dud


I almost typed “Marvel Heroes’ Mystic Mayhem is a dude,” which would have probably confused readers more than I intended, although it would have been an interesting intellectual exercise to dig myself out of that headline.

Anyway, if you haven’t been following Marvel Heroes as of late, the developers brushed off an old feature — the Limbo zone — and repackaged it along with a new event, Mystic Mayhem. The event was billed as sending players into hell (or hell-lite), a tip of the hat to David Brevik’s own Diablo, and conducting an epic war against demons. For loot — crazy, great new loot.

I was actually pretty excited about this, especially since it’s the first new event in a while, but after several hours with it over the weekend, I have to stand by my assessment that this is a waste of an event.

For starters, the event was pushed out in a rather buggy state, forcing Gazillion to fix it on the fly. Lots of people were saying to avoid it on Friday night and wait until Saturday, when the demon bosses were nerfed enough so that they weren’t one-shotting heroes left and right. But even with those fixes, it wasn’t that great of an event.

Aside from random demon mobs populating patrol zones (which some people were farming), the core of the event was hopping into Limbo and attempting to take down a series of bosses before their individual timers were up. Beat all of the bosses, including the end boss, and you’ll get… a rather lackluster lootsplosion as well as a follow-up quest. This quest — of which there were a few varieties — had players going throughout the game to kill various bosses, nothing special but quite time consuming. I had to fight through cosmic terminal Doom, something I never do unless I particularly hate myself that day.

If Limbo is successfully defeated AND you take the time for the follow-up, then you get a handful of coffers, the treasure chests for the event. Now, I won’t lie. There is some pretty good loot to be found in these things. I got a unique ring with summoner stats for Squirrel Girl and a summoner artifact for Doctor Doom. But there’s also a lot of forgettable loot and loot with way too much RNG going on, stat-wise, making a lot of coffers pointless.

So if you wanted coffers, you either did the Limbo thing for the guaranteed drops (at a cost of a good chunk of time) or farmed bosses in MM/ICP with the hopes of seeing a coffer drop. I did both, and both were largely wastes of time and frustrating. Now, I don’t need to be rewarded for every little thing I do in this game, but when I’m fighting for 40 minutes and have yet to see a single coffer drop, then I feel that there’s a bad time:reward ratio going on.

And Limbo is so dang bland with a boring layout and no story that it could be nondescript grey hallways and nobody would notice. I did find the bosses to boast cool designs, but again, with no narrative going on they’re just meatshields like the rest.

Mystic Mayhem is also incredibly unfriendly to anyone who isn’t a well-geared level 60. This isn’t an event for the entire community, just a portion of it, and that doesn’t sit right with me.

The one thing that pleased me was seeing a few additional power points the first time you run a character through Limbo. And one of my guildies got one of the ultra-rare legendary scroll drops, entitling him to a costume, hero, and other goodies.

But after playing this for a couple of days, I’d rather be back with Odin’s Bounty or even a good old-fashioned Midtown Monday. At least then I feel like I’m getting a little return for my time and effort.

One thought on “Marvel Heroes’ Mystic Mayhem is a dud

  1. Yeah, they definitely could have made it a little more actively rewarding, but I’m enjoying it for what it is. I certainly won’t pass up the chance for an extra three power points and more health for my characters, and it’s still extra loot. One thing I fully agree on though is the Limbo instance. Incredibly punishing for undergeared characters, frustrating if you fail (since you get next to no rewards until the end), and a bit buggy.
    Still, I’m enjoying it, and have my fingers crossed for one of those scrolls 🙂

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