Retro Gaming: Star Trek 25th Anniversary part 8


(This is part of my journey going checking out Star Trek 25th Anniversary. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Wow, can’t believe we’re already at the seventh and final episode of the game! This is Vengeance, and it’s notable because the CD-ROM version expanded what was originally a really short mission. It’s also notable for having the toughest and most annoying ship battle of the game, but more on that in a bit.

The episode starts out dark: The Enterprise is coming to the aid of the Constitution-class Republic, which has sustained horrific damage and only has two survivors. Dang, look at that ship up there — amazing it’s still intact. Looks like Cookie Monster took a bite out of the hull. No clue who did this, however.


The away party beams over to a bloodbath — a bridge filled with nothing but corpses. Kirk and company stay to sort things out while the Enterprise dashes away to help a trade vessel in distress. Well, that bodes well.

Looking through the computer records, Spock reports that the Republic was attacked… by the Enterprise herself. Weird.


The sole survivor — a former classmate of Kirk’s — confirms that the Enterprise attacked the ship. She dies soon thereafter, leaving the away team on a gutted ghost ship. Now in the original version, the team beams back to the Enterprise here and the final battle begins.

re4In the CD-ROM version, however, there’s a lengthy quest to explore the heavily damaged Republic and restore some of its power and functionality. Kirk gets to blow a few things up with his phaser, so he’s happy.


An Elasi ship decloaks (!) just as the team gets the Republic’s power back. Unfortunately for Kirk, only one system can be powered at a time. Shields, mayhap?

Kirk delays for a bit while the team prepares some subterfuge. This involves beaming a red shirt to the torpedo bay, where he’s surprisingly not killed, and then tricking the Elasi to lower their shields and blasting them hard.


That’s hardly the end of the matter, of course. The whole Republic attack was a setup to get the Enterprise here, as the Enterprise-2’s captain is a longtime foe of Kirk’s. I don’t remember him from the show, but who knows. Talk talk talk, blah blah blah, time for a big showdown.

So here’s the final battle, and as I’ve said before in this series, Star Trek 25th Anniversary’s ship combat is subpar at best. So to fight another Enterprise PLUS two Elasi ships seems just cruel.


With the battle won, the mission — and the game — comes to a decent end. Except for that final fight, this game is hands-down one of the best Star Trek games that was ever made and offers so much in value and replayability. Someone noted that if you take the time to peruse the in-game Enterprise computer, you’ll even find that there are logs on tons of Star Trek references.

So that’s Star Trek 25th Anniversary! Stay tuned for tomorrow, as I’ll dig into its sequel, Judgment Rights.


2 thoughts on “Retro Gaming: Star Trek 25th Anniversary part 8

  1. Particlebit August 29, 2015 / 2:45 pm

    Excited to see the play through of the next installment! I feel like these games lend themselves to this style of walkthrough

  2. FriendlyNecro August 29, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    *applause* Thanks for walk through! 🙂

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