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Bio Break site news: Blogroll updated!

As Blaugust comes to a close, I’ve made it a point of updating my blogroll over to the right there. As you may recall, I have three simple qualifications to being part of the Bio Break blogroll:

(1) Being a blog or podcast that talks about MMOs

(2) Not being a raging jerk, especially to other bloggers

(3) Having written at least one post in the past month

So I’ve added several new blogs over the year (and especially for Blaugust), but I hadn’t culled the list until today. Thus, what’s over there are all blogs that are more or less currently in operation. Ones that have gone dark or offline have been removed.

As always, please let me know if I’ve overlooked your blog (that meets the above qualifications) or if you’ve started writing again and I had previously taken your blog off of the list.

10 thoughts on “Bio Break site news: Blogroll updated!

  1. Hmmm…. I don’t actually see a blog roll over to the right. Or anywhere. That’s on Firefox.

    I just checked on Chrome and there’s the blog roll in all its glory. Anyone else using Firefox not seeing it?

  2. The blogroll only appears when you’re at the home page, not on any specific post page. For some reason, this theme gets rid of the right-hand column for individual posts.

    As for the rest of you, I’m updating the blogroll accordingly!

  3. @Syp – The disappearing side bar while in a post thing is why I ended up not using this particular theme with Otherwise it did nearly everything I wanted, but I couldn’t live with that particular aspect, so I went with the Twenty Twelve theme instead.

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