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Guild Wars 2: Grudging respect from afar


MMO-wise, there’s no doubt that Guild Wars 2 stole the show at PAX Prime this year — and that’s even with some big SWTOR companion talk, a new Trion game, and other various titles vying for attention. With the game’s anniversary, the announcement of the October 23rd launch date, the revelation of raids, and the release of the core game for free(ish), I could hear gamer eyeballs snapping back to Guild Wars 2 from all over the world.

And you know what? Good for it. Even if it’s not in my rotation right now (nor will be for the foreseeable future), I bear no ill will for the game. As I said when Bree told me that this news made her miss the game, I miss things about Guild Wars 2 but not necessarily the game itself. I miss the beauty of it, the neat animations, the casual-friendly nature, and certain systems. But I feel that there’s this intangible line marking true fans from the rest of the crowd, and I’ve never been able to cross that.

I did log in to get my third anniversary gifts on my engineer. The choice of dye was nice indeed, and now I have yet another level booster if I ever want to power-level another character.

Even with a certain media outlet breaking embargo on some of the big news, GW2 had a strong showing at PAX. Raids… eh, that wouldn’t have interested me if I was still playing. The big world boss fights weren’t major attractions, so I can’t imagine raids pulling me in. But the date announcement and giving away the core game are both really good moves on Anet’s part. Were there a lot of people not playing Guild Wars 2 who really wanted to yet — in the span of three years — never ponied up for the game? Eh, at least it’s a good permanent trial and will help to boost sales for the expansion.

This also means that October is looking hecka busy. We’ve got SWTOR’s expansion right around then, and I’m willing to bet that WildStar’s F2P patch will land that month too. Plus, there’s all the Halloween content and whatnot. October is the new September for MMOs?

Farewell Blaugust!

So today is the last day of Blaugust, the community blogging event initiated by Belghast with the hopes of encouraging bloggers to establish a once-a-day posting pattern for an entire month. I am really impressed by how many people stuck out the entire month and how many more made a genuine effort. Lots of great posts this month, and I would love to see these writers take their increased frequency and keep it going through the fall.

For me, it wasn’t much of a change than how I normally posted, although I did make one tweak to the format: I started putting my retro gaming posts on the weekend. I really like that, so I think I’ll keep that going from here on out. I don’t get time to poke around a retro title every day, but enough for two posts in a week? No sweat.

Way to go, Blaugust writers! Was a lot of fun writing alongside of you all.

11 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Grudging respect from afar

  1. I have struggled with GW2 more than 20 levels now and Im still bored to my bones everytime i log in. Why??? O.o I cant say, i just dont like it. I hate the graphics, the jumping puzzles bores me and the endless “kill ten rats” quests are boring. Combat system is stale compared to ESO. Huh maybee i have to try a bit more? I guess im doing something wrong?? :S

    I LOVE ESO and this weekend i started playing Final Fantasy XIV and liked it almost immediately. So whats my problem? It feels like “everyone” loves GW2 except me ;( Ok not you then, obviously, im not alone thank god 😛

  2. Think part of the reason GW2 has this play for free version is to attract PvPers. Of course anyone that wants a nice game that will give a minimum of 40+ hours just to complete the main story while exploring a beautiful and well fleshed world and then end up spending some in the gem store (at that point just buying HoT gives so much more) or simply populating the earlier zones when HoT releases is a plus.

    But if GW2 wants a shot at being a esport, waving the entry fee for PvPers (and they are by far the least restricted of the free accounts) is a smart move.


    There is nothing wrong in not liking GW2.
    But as someone that really enjoy Questing with capital Q, the one where you go in an adventure around a living world (NPCs moving, doing their own stuff) and not of the type of read a wall of text and static NPCs, the questing in GW2 through Dynamic Events is what really attracts me to it.

    But hey, tastes can vary a lot. 🙂

    I know that they are the same kill stuff and escort stuff and gather stuff that the text quests, but the presentation of seeing the enemies running and killing NPCs as opposed to read that they are going around killing NPCs (when they are just standing there) makes a big difference.

    I also like TSW quests and how they are presented, but I dislike the combat and combat animations of TSW, while GW2 the combat is fluid and the animations just feel right.

    If you are talking about heart quests, if you just do them one after the other, they can become boring, with only a few being more interesting. But generally you can complete them as Dynamic Events happen around.

  3. I Do like Questing! But for me GW2 is pale in comparison with ESO as ESO has (4me) more engaging quests and the world is more alive. All npc speak for example. And the pvp is awesum tho cant compare as iv not tried it in GW2. I cant pvp as my elementalist has casting time. I just cant handle standing still casting in pvp so i dare not try:):)

  4. There aren’t many spells where you need to stand still with an elementalist.
    Most you can cast while moving, even if it has a casting bar.

    From the top of my head only Meteor Shower (still cast a few meteors) and Churning Earth will be interrupted if you move.

  5. Regarding October:

    1) Am I the only cynic who thinks the WoW beta is Oct 23rd?

    2) Since they are both NCSoft, do you think WS will be before or after 10/23? I know they are “independent” but even if they weren’t I would think they would want to beat the rush:
    all Halloween festivals, GW2 23rd, SWTOR 27, Fallout 10th, SW BF 17th. But then I was expecting a date from PAX so idk.

  6. I think this expansion for GW2 is just bizarre. Do you like *anything* about the game you’ve been playing for the last three years? Great! Then you’ll love Heart of Thorns because we are doing the exact opposite.

  7. I’m in the same boat and will paddle alongside–this game seems to be missing some intangible that I can’t really figure out. It’s so weird that it feels like there’s a problem with myself and not the game, but…

    …man, I just don’t KNOW.

    *paddle paddle paddle*

  8. My bad, u r right! I havent played it for a while now. Its more the aiming i have problems with. Its FFXIV who makes me stand still – mix them up :S
    anyho in ESO i can easily see where im aiming at, like in a fps game. Thats 1 of my issues in GW2 but the quests are not in my taste so far either. Thanks for feedback.

  9. I’m in the same boat as well. I don’t hate the game or anything, but for me GW2 just has no stickiness whatsoever, so I’ll be giving the expansion a miss.

  10. I had fun joining Blaugust with you this year, Syp. You were the first person I remember reading about it from, and partly why I took up blogging during the dark days of Massively.

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