6 games I’m planning to play this fall


I can’t believe summer is already over and we’re into September! It’s a time of transition in more ways than one, with the kids going back to school, my fall season starting, and many games and expansions coming out. So I wanted to give an update of what I’m thinking of playing this fall.

(1) WildStar 

With free-to-play less than a month away and Shade’s Eve a little after that, there’s tons to look forward to with WildStar. Right now I’m pouring my energy into my new Medic, hoping to get her up to a decent level and out of the path of the F2P crowds when they come in. I’m also stockpiling crafting mats so she can work on architecture and running daily challenges on other toons to get her housing decor.

(2) Star Wars: The Old Republic

Some time in October early access will commence for Knights of the Fallen Empire, and you can bet that I’ll be there on day one to start in on the new storyline. I’m really excited to see what this new format will bring to the game, and I’m always down for more story. The only question is whether or not my bounty hunter will be ready — she just dinged 50 yesterday but has yet to finish her personal story, nevermind the extra planets, Hutt Cartel, and Shadows of Revan.

(3) Fallout 4

This is mid-November, I believe. I haven’t pre-ordered yet, but I’m sure to get a copy. It’s Fallout — how can I not? Love me some good post-apocalyptic exploration, even if I’m not the hugest fan of Bethesda’s gameplay style.

My only pause is that this time last year I was all excited about Wasteland 2, and I haven’t even picked that up yet. Big huge solo RPGs are a major time investment, alas.

(4) Sword Coast Legends

Lots of great word-of-mouth regarding SCL from PAX, although I was already on board with this anyway. This is another September release, so it’s right around the corner. Now I need to find four friends to play it with!

(5) Project Gorgon

You haven’t seen any posts about this because I’ve been holding back a bit lately — WildStar and SWTOR are taking priority with various projects, and I know that I’m going to reroll as a Dwarf when PG finally gets that race out. That said, I do want to explore life as a cow and do some more research about the game. To the wiki!

(6) Marvel Heroes

I don’t have any one overarching goal right now in this game, which might be why my interest has faltered. Should I focus on gearing up Doctor Doom more? Beat cosmic trial on Squirrel Girl and get her raiding? Level up all of the heroes to 60? All of the above? None? Ah well, it’s all fun and games. I’m glad there are plans in the works to get more story content in for the coming year, not to mention the danger room.


One thought on “6 games I’m planning to play this fall

  1. Zombiepirate September 7, 2015 / 6:54 am

    Makeb will be the longest of the things you have to do for your BH on the road to 60. Rishi and Yavin take very little time and you should easily be 60 before Ziost (which itself can easily squeeze into an afternoon).

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