My new iPhone obsession: Dungeon Boss


The past week has found me really digging into a new iPhone title that was highlighted on the app store: Dungeon Boss. I hadn’t heard much about it beforehand, but now that I’ve clocked a few days of it under my belt, I’m really grooving on it as a “few spare minutes here and there” kind of game.

Dungeon Boss challenges you to collect a team of heroes and continually run very linear dungeons with (as the stilted title implies) bosses at the end. The game is a cycle: You run dungeons to get hero tokens to unlock new characters, and the new characters run dungeons. Each hero has a set of skills and traits that make them good in certain situations and with other characters, so there’s a strategy in assembling the right team for any specific run. In easy runs, there’s an auto button to have characters default attack their way through, but in most challenging dungeons I have to be handling the whole run to use abilities at certain times and focus firing on certain mobs.

The aesthetic is quite blocky, sort of a colorful Minecraft/Trove thing, with old school video game sound effects. It’s a free-to-play title, so there’s some of the trappings of that model — energy meter, a cheeky but noticeable push to buy some faster advancement. But it’s also pretty fun to play as completely free, because the challenge is to both unlock heroes and continually improve the ones you have.

Anyway, it’s a cute little RPGish thing with a few social elements (I like how you can use friends’ heroes as special summons in your runs, as well as set up your own dungeon for PvP battles) and a good style. Check it out!


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