WildStar: Chasing my carrots


Despite suffering through Galeras for a second time in the past month (I had JUST done all of this on my Spellslinger before rerolling), I’m increasingly happy with my decision to get back to the Medic. I think it comes down with satisfaction about combat style — if I’m not feeling it with a class, I can only force myself so much to like it. WildStar’s Engineer and SWTOR’s Bounty Hunter are good personal examples of decent classes that weren’t thrilling me with their combat styles.

Meanwhile, I continue to chase my three primary carrots in this game: housing decor, costume pieces, and pets.

Housing Decor

Every time I log in I run my set of three Thayd dailies with two other characters. That takes me a little under 10 minutes total and nets me six chances at decor, tints, money (scavenged items), and crafting mats. It’s quite satisfying to mail a ton of housing stuff to my Medic.

I’ve gotten a few neat items as of late, too. Laundry line, which I’ve never gotten before. Giant eye — there’s always a hundred purposes for a giant eye.

I’m holding off on setting up a new house, however. When F2P comes, we’ll be able to buy houses of the opposing faction, and I think I want a Cassian house on my property (right angles instead of curves, yes please).

Costume Pieces

Having a wardrobe in the game means that any gear that drops — even if I can’t wear it for stats — is a possible acquisition to my virtual closet. I love getting a new design that I haven’t seen before.

What really sent me over the moon was getting a rare Twilight dye — very dark blue — in a recent challenge. That’s going to be great for an upcoming outfit.

On the downside, last night I realized that I had completely capped out my 350 stored costume pieces and could no longer put any new ones in. So I’m going to need to carve out a little time to go into the wardrobe and cull duplicate and duller items from the mix.



My Anniversarowsdower remains both my and my kids’ favorite pet, because who can resist a depressed sheep with a lollipop on its nose? Giddyup, rowsdower, we’ve got mysteries to solve!

However, I am on a streak of incredibly good fortune this past week, having gotten not one but two pet drops from randomly killing mobs. The one is a floating glowy bug thing that my son absolutely adores, while the other is a bird that dropped in Galeras last night. It’s a small thing, but getting a pet drop really makes my night and fuels my interest in fighting even more.


3 thoughts on “WildStar: Chasing my carrots

  1. goldenhornet September 10, 2015 / 9:11 am

    I love pets in MMOs as well. It’s a shame that more pets aren’t available in SWTOR for actually playing the game. 90% of them “drop” from cartel packs or things like CC top-up cards. 😦
    They have done a couple of fun hunts for pets like the CZ-189 Droid or the Orokeet that you had to hatch from an egg. It would be awesome if they put some more pets like that in the game. I suspect that takes a level of developer resource that Bioware just doesn’t have any more.

  2. Rowan September 10, 2015 / 2:19 pm

    I agree. Random minipets can be fun, and are sadly lacking in many MMOs that find they are easy to sell in the cash shop.

  3. Shintar September 10, 2015 / 3:15 pm

    Is that bird wearing sunglasses? o_O

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