SWTOR: Jedi doctors and buttocks medicine


One of the things I was fearful of when I switched back to my Smuggler in SWTOR is that I would be missing out on all of the great companions that the Bounty Hunter had. In comparison, so far with my Smuggler I had the abominable Corso Riggs and two non-English-speaking aliens (a growly Wookiee and a chittering Ewok).

Since my return earlier this week, I’ve powered through the end of Chapter 2 and picked up a trio of new companions, each of them interesting. However, my new favorite is Guss Tuno, the Mon Calamari failed Jedi-turned-medic. Admiral Ackbar is a long Star Wars favorite of mine, and if I could play a Mon Calamari in SWTOR, I would. Having one as a quirky weird friend is the second best thing. He’s already cracked me up more than a few times, and I’m now running with him exclusively.

I’m gradually getting my footing back with my Smuggler, too. I already had a really great rotation set up with her, a Dirty Fighting spec that’s quite similar to what I run with my Operative. Fighting is a lot more enjoyable as a result compared to my many different specs on the BH, and that makes a big difference.

I only had slicing going on as a crew skill, so I’ve been leveling that up. Eventually I’ll invest in one of the skills that pays out crew affection rewards, because I’d love to get through the companion stories at some point.

Money was a huge problem when I went back to my Smuggler. I only had 1,000 credits to my name, barely enough to fly my ship to the planet I needed for quests. But quest and fight long enough, and you’re going to make money, especially when it’s supplemented by slicing. I also cashed in some of my cartel coins for the new crates that I sold on the GTA, infusing my bank account with enough credits to pick up that spaceship teleport skill I wanted and a new outfit to boot. My long-term goal is to save up for a tauntaun mount, as I’ve never had one in SWTOR and would love to snag it.

As I said, I’ve completed chapter 2 and am jetting up through the planets and levels. I think I’m 42 right now, with three planets left to go in my personal storyline: Belsavis, Voss, and Corellia. Then it’s off to the expansions and a possible photo finish to see if I’ll make it before KotFE comes out. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t make it, but it’d be cool.


One thought on “SWTOR: Jedi doctors and buttocks medicine

  1. Serelyen September 11, 2015 / 12:07 pm

    You can have a tauntaun mount pretty much free or well… very cheap with a little work on Hoth. Check dulfy-s site for the tauntaun mount guide and have fun. 🙂

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