SWTOR: The end of a Smuggler’s journey… and the beginning of another

Compared to how slowly I advanced through the Bounty Hunter’s story (even on the 12x path), I positively blitzed through the remainder of my Smuggler’s storyline in less than a week. I rocketed from my mid-30s to level 53, cruising from Alderaan all the way through Corellia. Every night it seemed that I was able to tuck away another planet, fueling my enthusiasm to do the same the next evening. Suddenly, dusting off my Smuggler and getting her ready for Fallen Empire went from a long-shot to something that could be easily done within a couple of weeks.

All in all, the Smuggler storyline was an enjoyable if somewhat uneven journey. The best part, no question, was the inclusion of snark and witty rejoinders. Even in the face of certain death, my character was cracking wise and undercutting the sinister threats she faced. There was a pretty big twist in the third chapter that was as shocking as it was puzzling. It helped to peak my interest for the final stretch, however.

On the other hand, it felt a little forced that the Smuggler became a “privateer” just so that BioWare could more or less make her fight for the Republic instead of being an actual smuggler. I was also a little disappointed that I didn’t get a healing companion (other than paying for Treek) until way late in the game. As I said before, Guss is my definitely favorite companion of the bunch, but the rest are pretty forgettable — especially Corso Riggs. No, I’ll never get tired of putting Corso down. Space hay seed.

So now I’ve got the two expansions to go through, a task that I’ve only done once and that was very gradual. I have no idea how long it’ll take, but I do know that I need to gear up and stockpile some commendations for Yavin.

I’m still mulling over saving up for a tauntaun mount. I’d love to get one, but they’re pretty expensive and/or time-intensive — and one of my awesome guildies gave me a pink speeder bike that’s rad. Totes rad.

I did spend some cash on the GTN last night to buy a battle-worn engineer’s outfit which I dyed blue and white. I love armor that has wear and tear to it — I think it harkens back to childhood toys with “battle damage.” Sometimes you want to go the opposite route of pristine and shiny, y’know?


3 thoughts on “SWTOR: The end of a Smuggler’s journey… and the beginning of another

  1. Zombiepirate September 14, 2015 / 9:22 am

    From memory getting the Tauntaun from Hoth wasn’t that bad of a time investment. Or, if you have some time on your hands and an Ops group you can get the Oricon rep and a “free” Tauntaun from the Oricon Ops quest (well worth doing as they are great Operations). As for comms, you’ll get a bunch of basics for doing the missions at the start of Rishi. But Yavin gives you a full set of gear and then again on Ziost so you should be decently geared for it all to get traded for greens at the start of Fallen Empire.

  2. josetorr September 14, 2015 / 9:45 am

    I felt the ACT 1 Story was way better than the Remaining Acts,

    You are right though, Bioware missed out on making the Smuggler Class and Bounty Hunter Class a Third more Neutral Faction

  3. jameshateswordpress September 14, 2015 / 12:41 pm

    Your issue with the Smuggler is the same as what I had back in Start Wars Galaxies – the Smuggler needs to actually smuggle things…sigh..they never did fix it.

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