6 tips and tricks for Dungeon Boss

Got to say, Dungeon Boss has me well and hooked less than a week after picking it up for the first time. It’s hit this sweet spot with casual gameplay, collectables, dungeon running, looting, and a not-that-annoying business model.

I’ve slowly and gradually been picking up on a few tactics and strategies along the way, and wanted to pass them along to anyone else who’s playing.

(1) Click on sparklies in the background

Every so often when you’re running a dungeon you’ll see that a background item — a gate, vase, rock, what have you — is subtly sparkling. If you click on it before you move on to the next screen, you’ll get a bit of treasure. Usually it’s gold, but sometimes it’s an extra stamina point.

(2) Work on the three ways of leveling up your characters

Every character has three lanes of progression. The first is XP, as characters can level up to your overall level, allowing you to buy new levels of their skills and basic attacks. The second is to collect hero tokens to eventually give them a new star level, which exponentially increases that character’s power. And the third is to collect “evos” (the little blobby guys you sometimes see in dungeons) to ascend the character two more times for additional skills.

(3) Create a core team

There’s a lot of synergy going on between characters, and once you have more than five or six, you’ll want to start investing your time and money into a core team that synergizes well together. That core team should also be used to protect your dungeon, since those will be the characters you’ll have leveled up the most.

Every day I make sure to run dungeons that award tokens for my core team’s heroes. The easy way to do that is to open up the hero screen and click on the question mark next to their leveling bar. That opens up a panel with quick ports to dungeon levels with unclaimed daily tokens.

(4) Don’t spend gold on portal summons!

You will really need gold for skill training, which gets expensive as you level and get more characters. Besides, you can get one or two easy free summons every day just by logging in and doing quests. The gem and hero scroll summons are way better anyway.

Oh, and once you get your dungeon, make sure to empty your coffers a couple of times a day! You also complete a quest for doing that.

(5) Get friends — and use them

Friends in this game are actually really useful (and I’m “syppi” if you want to add me). Each friend gives you the ability to use their designated hero once a day in a dungeon run — it’s like an extra summons that not only helps you with a boss, but gives you 30 honor scrolls for using them. I try to use all of my friends’ summons every day to stock up on those scrolls.

(6) Read up on your heroes

The hero screens are incredibly useful fonts of information with lots of tooltips if you click on things. Finding out the nuances of each hero and how they work with other heroes is a key in creating an unstoppable team. Plus, the artwork and flavor text is often amusing.


6 thoughts on “6 tips and tricks for Dungeon Boss

  1. Phil September 16, 2015 / 4:33 pm


    What are your recommandation for a core team ? The robot tank, the leafy healer and which damage dealer ?


  2. Llokki September 17, 2015 / 4:36 am

    With regards to friends and earning honor scrolls, I believe it’s actually the other way around. You receive 30 scrolls for every friend who uses your hero.

    I’m a bit torn on which way to go with my team. I was lucky enough to unlock the 3 star necromancer (Pontifex?), and I’m quite fond of my dark succubus (the one pictured) since she has some neat abilities, so I’d like to build an undead team around them. But at the same time, the goblins remind me of my beloved Warhammer goblins, so I kind of want to make a gobbo team too. Maybe I’ll have both at some point, but as you mentioned, the costs for keeping levels and skills up to date (much less ascensions and star ranks) starts to get really expensive once you get to higher levels and have more and more heroes to look after. I’m loving it though. It’s a great little game.

  3. Syp September 17, 2015 / 7:14 am

    Llokki — It’s both. 30 scrolls for everyone who uses my character, and 30 scrolls every time I use one of theirs. Trust me, I’ve done it tons of times.

  4. John September 17, 2015 / 9:00 pm

    I picked this game up today, hadn’t heard of it before. Great so far. Question: are portals the best thing to spend gems and hero scrolls on?

  5. Llokki September 18, 2015 / 3:06 am

    @Syp: Ah nice, didn’t know that. I’ll have to start using my friends’ heroes more. So far I’ve been a bit of a selfish friend and only used them when I really feel like I need the extra edge to get through >_<

    @John: As an alternative to using scrolls for portal summons, there's currently a hero whose tokens you can buy from directly from the store for honor scrolls (1000 for 5…although occasionally you can get 10 instead), and she's pretty worth it if you ask me. She has increased crit chance, increased crit damage, a charm ability, and also ends up getting heal on hit, a heal/buff for allies, and an execute type ability (more damage at low health).
    That aside, if you have the patience I'd recommend saving up your gems to get 10 portal summons at a time, since it gives you a guaranteed hero unlock (as opposed to just a number of tokens). Once you have a big enough stable of heroes to choose from though, you're probably better off spending your gems on gold, because skills start to get very expensive to train.

  6. John September 18, 2015 / 12:13 pm

    @ Lloki Thanks!

    Does everyone do the Spend 20 gems daily quest? If so, what is the best thing to spend gems on each day, some gold?

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