SWTOR: Blitzing to 60


Mayday! Mayday! We’re going down in a shower of sparks and non-canonical narrative!

I am making myself breathless how fast I’ve been whipping through SWTOR over the past week. Maybe it’s that thing where the first time through content feels like it’s so long because it’s unfamiliar and you’re smelling the roses, whereas subsequent journeys can be a lot quicker. But I also have to factor in my laser focus on getting my Smuggler ready for Knights of the Fallen Empire. The pressure is real. The red hair dye is not.

Thus I rocketed through Rishi and the six solo flashpoints that make up a bulk of Shadow of Revan so quickly that the story became secondary. Oh, I slowed down whenever I got a chance to put Lana in her place:


I’m not normally this rude, but SWTOR is making me team up with an ex-girlfriend who dumped me. On another character BUT STILL. Lana is getting no slack from me this time around — and no flirt options either.

I hit level 60 pretty effortlessly before wrapping up Rishi. The 12x boost lasted until level 55 and XP pots after that helped nudge me across the level finish line. Now my build is cemented and is being bolstered by all of the yummy quest reward gear that’s getting me up to par.


As I said the other night in guild chat, I love my tauntaun. Not only is it blissfully quiet compared to those grating speeder noises, but it’s portable one-time housing!


With Rishi done, I merely have Yavin and Ziost to go. Yavin will be nice to upgear and get Guss a new costume, for sure. Past that, my checklist involves maxing out companion affection and perhaps going through some of the optional high-level planets that I hop-scotched when the expansions became available.

Or perhaps an alt. Because I have a sickness.


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