My WildStar housing wish list


It figures — in a good way — that right after I complain about all of WildStar’s F2P server woes, it’s calmed down to the point where I can log in without a queue and enjoy a session with no lag whatsoever. One of the devs recommended a full reinstall for improved performance, which I did this past weekend, and it does seem to be running more smooth.

However, I regret to inform my reading audience that there were no heroics performed in-game by me last night. Instead, I ended up hanging out in my house almost the entire evening, putting together a floor plan.

The Cassian cosy house is surprisingly big and wonderful to work with, I’m finding. There’s an indent in the far side of the place that is perfect for a staircase, so I spent a lot of time creating a three-story structure (with attic! I’m so excited). Throwing in the floors and subsequent walls was a lot easier. I have the first floor mapped out already and ideas for the second and third.


All of that time spent doing nothing but housing (and not even the fun part — decorating) made me ponder my ever-growing wish list of improvements for this system. So listen up — especially if you work for Carbine and for some reason revolve your life’s advice around this blog — because here are my top five most desired wish list items for housing!

(1) Shared crate inventory

One of my biggest frustrations is how my collection of terrific decor is spread out across three toons. I would give so much to be able to un-soulbound and un-crate those items and send them to the only character I’m playing these days, but alas, I can’t and they go wasted.

So why not make crates an inventory-wide thing? Allow us to toss decor in there from any character and use them from any character. Man, that would make my day.

(2) Pre-made house floor plans

Some of us don’t want to have to fiddle about with building the interior of a house from scratch — we just want to decorate and adjust. Creating rooms and stairways and the like are the dullest and most time-intensive parts of housing, and I’d love it if we at least had the option to move into pre-made houses that were empty except for rooms, hallways, and stairways. Maybe let players design templates that could be shared?

(3) Snap-to-fit building elements

Along that line of thought, man it would be cherry if building elements would snap together like LEGO bricks when you are aligning them. Getting walls and other building blocks to fit exactly can be really difficult at times. I envy MMOs where housing is arranged on grids for speed and clarity.

(4) Outdoor shack and house FABkits

Again, some people don’t mind building houses outdoors from scratch, but I’d deeply appreciate FABkits that would plop down a smaller house/cottage/shack that was empty for some simple renovation.

(5) More walls — and matching, please!

The selection of straight walls in the vendor is remarkably skimpy — only four types, I believe, and no color variations of those types. Walls and wall color are so important to putting together a house that we really need more of what’s available to all.

Also, it bugs me that the curved/triangle walls don’t match the straight walls. I usually work with Aurin wall, and the straight wall does NOT match the triangle/curved elements for some unknown reason. So if I’m transitioning from one to the other, it’s very noticeable (which is why I had to get creative with triangles in the top picture there instead of using a straight wall segment).


One thought on “My WildStar housing wish list

  1. wolfyseyes October 6, 2015 / 7:52 pm

    I’m finding Katia’s housing add-on to be immensely helpful in the whole “building walls” thing. I also noticed in the Advanced tab that there’s an option that lets a piece orient to the world, which has made slapping together straight walls a bit easier.

    I’ll very likely be putting up my house-building misadventures in my next blog posting.

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