WildStar: The search for more money

I’m happy to report that all of the WildStar server woes seem to have calmed down considerably in the last few days. There’s been no queue, no lag, and no annoying bugs that I’ve seen. That’s allowed me to do what I’ve been wanting to do all along, which is just to log on and play.

I spent a couple days doing almost no adventuring, but instead working on a new house with my Medic and taking the first steps into architecture crafting with her. Both of these activities were completely engrossing to an almost embarrassing degree. I also realized that I should be running my Thayd challenges for reknown alone, since there are tons of decor in the vendor that I would love to get but costs reknown to buy.

Yesterday I came to another conclusion: continuing this path and focusing so strongly on housing would leave me completely broke. I was already down to my last plat, from a personal high of about eight, having frittered the money away on different characters and different projects. In WildStar, money is really important for so many things, especially if you’re into housing, and it was chafing me that I was so broke. Unlike other MMOs where gathering mats and selling those on the auction house is a legitimate money-maker, in WildStar there’s an overabundance of mats (thanks to housing plugs) and they’re worth very little on the whole.

So I had a coming to grips with reality moment. I needed money, and playing on my Medic wasn’t going to do the job. Plus, I’ve been away from my Engineer long enough that I’ve come to really miss her and her bots, so it was only logical and emotional to switch everything over and play once again on my level 50.

I did a bit of reading up on various guides and threads about ways to make bank in WildStar, and most of them said roughly the same things:

  • It’s easier to do this at level 50 than anything lower
  • Once you get your elder gem cap for the week, subsequent XP activities turn into cash
  • Veteran shiphands — such as Infestation — are good, quick money-makers
  • Doing dailies in high-level zones (perhaps with contracts as a parallel activity) are lucrative as well
  • Sell gear and rune stuff on the auction house, salvage everything else for possible sellable items
  • Farming is not horrible either

It took a little bit of work to transfer all of the money and tradeskill mats over, then to dust off my Engineer and rework her build following a few skill changes with the patch. Then it was back to questing in Grimvault where I had left off months ago.

Other than the unrelenting purple landscape of the Strain (which gave me weird RIFT flashbacks), I was greatly enjoying myself. Having a strong goal in mind — to make money, to work on housing — with a better build in an area I hadn’t explored before was all sorts of good stuff. I was getting some decent drops here and there, along with omnibits and lots of cash. Nothing to write home about, but I did make 50 gold or so from questing my way through the area all while taking detours to harvest trees, plants, and ore.

My plan is to get into a good endgame money-making groove, occasionally taking trips to lower level zones to harvest mats, and then eventually switching over to architecture to work on decor for me and perhaps to sell as well. Building up a firm base of money and materials right now seems like the smart way to go about it.

So for you WildStar pros out there, any advice on raking in plat in this game that you’ve found?


2 thoughts on “WildStar: The search for more money

  1. Asmiroth October 8, 2015 / 2:18 pm

    There are a few mods that help with the auction UI. Where it puts in a price based on the closest. Also using buy/sell orders instead of the NOW option is a significant boost in income.

    But really, it’s down to 1 veteran expedition and then 1 quest zone (usually star basin cause it’s quick) to try and cap out the EG gain and harvesting materials. I also try to do the race quest in thayd for the housing items. It’s easy enough.

    Oh, and take the bag of interesting items. The other bags have such a low drop rate of something useful (especially after drop 6) it’s the only money making choice. Salvaging it gambling for money. I did it a few times last night and all I got was rocks. Whoopie.

    Farming is an option too but I find that eye bleeding boring.

    You certainly won’t be a millionaire but you’ll have a few plat for those neat things. There are no obvious “faucets” in the game.

  2. Chestnut Stonebough (@ggchestnut) October 9, 2015 / 12:49 pm

    Capping out your Elder Gems is definitely the way to go. If your guild has the flasks unlocked that you can purchase for 500 renown, I’d take a stab at them and figure out which ones you think would benefit you the best. In the end, any XP bonuses turn into gold past your cap. They did recently boost the EG cap, so I’d suggest grabbing the XP flask. My go-to is personally dailies. Though I haven’t done any since the F2P update, so I’m not sure if the gold drops have been changed.

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