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Hat Trick Friday: RuneScape


Welcome to Hat Trick Friday, in which I pull a game that’s not part of my normal rotation out of a hat to play for an entire evening. Today’s title is RuneScape, the long-running free-to-play fantasy sandbox MMO.

According to the login screen, it’s been 939 days since I last logged into RuneScape. Way to lay the guilt on, Jagex! I’m assuming that was for one of my previous experiments, perhaps the month where I was trying to play 10 MMOs that I never had before.

So, my first Hat Trick Friday. Gotta say, this might be tough. I really do get set in my ways, and jogging myself out of my normal routine to play a different MMO for a single night feels… alien. Interesting. Going to require some patience as I settle in.

Aside from making me pick a new name (aw) and a combat style, everything’s as I left it nearly three years prior. However, I just want to start over since I remember nothing and want to see the experience fresh. Apparently that’s not as easy as it sounds — from doing some quick searches, I’m told that the character and account are one and the same and there is no reset, so I’d need a new account to start over. Fine.

Obviously, he looks totally like me. There’s a maxim that I follow in character creation, which is if I’m playing a male avatar and there’s the option to give him a handlebar moustache, I have to take it. Well done, sir.

I use a fantasy name generator, which spits out Wigbald. Wigbald it is then!


Aw! Wigbald’s first steps into a wider world!

Gotta say, ding RuneScape for it’s cruder graphics if you must, but its music and voice acting is really well-done. Going to take some getting used to using WASD keys to turn the camera instead of moving.


Ha. Anyway, this old coot takes me through the island tutorial before I’m dumped into the proper game.


Zombie attack! And fighting here is about as thrilling as you might expect from the above screenshot. Thanks for helping me out, beardy!


Spent some time poking about the options. There are scads of choices here, from automating some elements of combat to the robust music collection system. Starting out it looks like I have access to 122 out of the 1065 tracks in this game. You can customize a playlist out of them for the game to go through, even. Man, I wish more MMOs had a music collection system like this.


Well… that’s a novel use for cows. Giant cowster wheel. Don’t step in the cracks, dude!


Or, if you like, zombie cows. No discrimination here!


I gotta say, for all its clunkiness and unabashed love of naked polygons, there’s a real charm going on here. And the polygons? Can be really expressive when animated right. Anyway, we put down a smallish zombie uprising in the church, as Wigbald’s mustache saves the day. I also get her headdress as loot.


I’m sexy and I know it.

And that was about it for my RuneScape evening! I spent way too much time farting around with the account settings and music and poking around the tutorial to make progress, but fun was had. Hope I get back to Wigbald’s adventures some day!

One thought on “Hat Trick Friday: RuneScape

  1. Runescape was the MMO my friends played before I even knew what MMOs were. They tried to get me to join but I always said no because I didn’t see the hook. To this day I couldn’t really tell you what Runescape is “about”. It’s clearly doing well due to word of mouth, but it can’t have a very active PR department…

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