WildStar: Exploring Shade’s Eve


WildStar’s first holiday — Shade’s Eve — is finally upon us, a year late but in great shape even so. I had a terrific time yesterday exploring the Halloween-decorated Thayd (can we leave it like this forever, Carbine? Please?), going trick-or-treating on others’ plots, running dailies, and doing the new dungeon.

The daily quests were fortunately not that difficult or frustrating to do, and I liked how the introductory quest to the holiday clearly laid out the backstory to the whole celebration. Making it based on an actual past event gave it a nice weight that didn’t feel tacked on as it sometimes does with MMO holidays.

I ran the Quiet Downs expedition twice, once solo and once with a group. Start to finish, it’s one of the most Halloweeny things I’ve ever experienced in a video game. At first, it was definitely confusing, as you’re dumped into a dark region and given the vague task of finding a fountain while you’re being hunted by shades. The flashlight/flare/signal flare mechanic took a little getting used to, but eventually I figured it out and got to the second stage, which is fiddling around in the village and uncovering the sinister plot. The third part is a fairly standard dungeon crawl through a laboratory.

Atmospherically, Quiet Downs nails it. The music is absolutely terrific, especially the goofy tune that comes on when you’re transformed into a shade. And I got a pair of Angel leggings from the second run as well as a level, so it wasn’t a waste of time. Still, the expedition wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. My main complaint is that it takes way, way too long, especially if you want to repeatedly run it because this is a limited-time feature with limited-time rewards. Yes, they bump you up to level 50, but you’re fighting level 50 mobs and those take a lot longer with my gear than I’d like. Even with a group, it felt like a slow slog instead of a rip-roaring adventure.

As an aside, doesn’t Angel come off like Drusera 2.0? Drusera’s kid or cousin? It’s weird to have another floaty ethereal powerful girl-person in the game.

I’m pretty psyched about all of the rewards from the event. I’m probably going to dump my shade silver into as much spooky decor as I can get. What I’m really debating is whether to spend some allowance on buying a FABkit that showed up in the store which places a small haunted house on your housing plot — one which you can go inside and decorate. One of my biggest wish list items for housing plots has been FABkits that function as secondary pre-built housing that you can customize, and here it is. For $15. I don’t have nearly enough omnibits to buy it the other way, so I’m mulling it over.

P.S. – This morning I did end up exploring a housing plot that had the haunted house FABkit. I wanted to note that the inside of the house is instanced (just like a player’s main house) and not part of the housing plot exterior. Still might get it though!


One thought on “WildStar: Exploring Shade’s Eve

  1. Asmiroth October 20, 2015 / 12:54 pm

    Be aware that the fabkit cannot be removed, replaced or shared. It’s super neato but you’re essentially putting it down permanently. The mount is only for 1 character too 😦 Hopefully they address that in the future.

    If you’re a little low on the power scale, this reddit post is pretty good -https://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/3pczsv/new_players_guide_to_pve_gearing/

    You can also complete challenges in the level 50 zones, which give points for level 50 gear. Press “L” and click the challenges tab. You’ll see a progress bar at the top. Much easier to fill that up than the contracts progress bar, but the rewards are less.

    Tonight is about BTTF2 though. We don’t need roads!

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