Hat Trick Friday: Star Trek Online


My extracurricular outing this week was not chosen by random but by promotion. I saw that Cryptic was handing out free inventory slots as part of its Season 11 giveaways and thought that it was as good a time as any to log back into Star Trek Online and see what was up.

It’s been quite a long time since I was last in Star Trek Online — September 2014 by my last blog post about it. Since it had been that long, I wasn’t as tied to playing my most recent character/ship. Instead, I went even further back and reactivated Yeti, who had last seen play in May 2013. She’s the one who had the carrier and some of the rare bridge officers, so it was like coming back home to a splendid palace.

Naturally, there’s a lot to be done when you’re logging in after two-plus years. Mostly it was cleaning up inventory slots, accepting a ton of new missions, and trying to remember how everything works. But that’s what I like about STO — the basics of combat is always the same. Just get in range and hit that spacebar, baby!


Once I got my inventory slots and figured everything out, I took on a mission to rescue a poor Romulan ship that had been boarded by the Borg. The space battle was suitably fun, as I launched fighters and enjoyed parking my carrier and seeing them pick off the bad guys from afar.

When we beamed aboard the ship, I was quite impressed by the detail and slickness of it all. Very atmospheric, including a hallway that was so borgified (?) that I had to take a detour around it. Could’ve just beamed ahead 10 meters, but what’s logic have to do with Star Trek?

At the end I was given a choice to keep some secret Romulan/Borg tech or not, which I totally did because who cares about the Romulans? Space Drow is what they are, and you know how I feel about elves.

All in all, the fun is very much alive in Star Trek Online. Going to have to make revisiting this game a more frequent event, I think.


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