WildStar: Building a river


So this was my major project last weekend: building a scenic river for the entrance of my housing plot in WildStar. It took a lot longer than you’d think.

River decor is one of the newer additions to the vendor, although there are only winding bits — no straightaways or variations. My plan was to have the river cut diagonally in front of the teleportation pad with a bridge to pave an introduction to my plot. Someone said that there was a curved Aurin bridge out there, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere, so in the meanwhile I built my own bridge out of various parts.

So, the river. I started by laying down three segments of the winding river, resizing them until I got a stretch of straightaway in front of the teleportation ramp. Problem #1 came up when I realized that the seams where the river segments connected were very noticeable. I was going to need to do a little visual trickery to cover them up.

Next was to establish the head of the river, which I did with a waterfall and lily pad pool. I used hanging plants to droop over the rocks and cover up the back part of the waterfall somewhat. I think the overall effect worked great. I sprung for buying curved rocks for the pool, but I realized that doing the same for the river banks would get expensive, fast.


The line of rocks across the pool and a flipped tiki bar that’s now serving as an arch are my tools to cover up the river seams (plus some plants under the arch). I wanted to have river banks the whole way, so I crafted up a bunch of sacks of buckwheat that I made big and flipped over to serve as faux rocks/dirt. I think it worked out fairly well and was a lot cheaper in the end.

I added some stocky trees and plants at the river’s terminus, a few trees along the way, and even a second small waterfall coming out of a sewer grate on a rock.


Took a few hours to do start to finish, including adding little touches and details, but all in all, I am extremely pleased with the end result. It adds some nice motion right at the entrance and the water effects — while not the best I’ve ever seen in an MMO — are pretty neat.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing for my next building project — probably fleshing out my “fun house” (yes, I broke down and bought one of those haunted house FABkits). I’ve been using the thunderhead sky because it makes the colors of the plot really pop and adds just a touch of weather without getting too oppressive.

5 thoughts on “WildStar: Building a river

  1. Wow, that looks great! I may have to make a filthy Exile alt just to visit your plot one of these days. Can’t seem to make a Chua on the Exile side though… I need to report a bug ticket about this.

    On a related note, I’m so glad Carbine did the Trick or Treat quest. I’ve seen so many housing plots because of it and discovered for the first time I could visit random plots set to “public.” I helped a few people in zone chat with the quest as well and got my first neighbor to boot. I’ve not done much building yet myself but I did use all my omnibits on housing items last night!

  2. I read this right after watching some Firefly on Netflix, so when I read the title I imagined you assembling a statue of Summer Glau in WildStar.
    Weird mental images aside, this is what I love about WildStar’s housing. You can’t do stuff like flipping bags over to make rocks in, say, SWTOR or LotRO’s housing, and that’s why I use the housing in both of those games as nothing more than a bank I can teleport to from anywhere. Wildstar’s housing simply is the best.

  3. The Aurin Bridge comes from the Super Brawl event (from the Boxing Gym FABkit). I’m sure if you ask around in housing, someone will have it available to the public so you can farm the challenge for the bridge. Because the bridge is TOALLY worth it. I have one, and I love it. 🙂 Also, your river looks SO FREAKING COOL! 😀

  4. I know this is months and months past the post, but google brought up this blog. You should check out the entity server Asrene Moonsong. Her plot entrance is crazy goregous. She changes things up for the holidays too; little displays all around her platform and such.

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