Screenshot Friday bonanza!


This new ship is all sorts of ominous cool, but I have to admit that I’m starting to miss my old Agent cruiser.


I like how she’s partially hidden in shadow here — just like a good Operative should be.


My youngest has this exact same expression and pose when he’s crapping his diaper in the middle of play.


SCORPIO never stops being kind of terrifying. But I like her anyway.


Pump those crazy legs, Jem! You are truly outrageous!


A giant spider! A first for MMOs!


I love the desolate, wide-open feel this picture captures.


Chasing my shirt in The Secret World. COME BACK HERE!

So much nudity.


How you know you’re a blogger: When a ceiling with sharp spikes is lowering, you go, “Oh hey, let’s get the perfect screenshot!” instead of trying to get out of there.

3 thoughts on “Screenshot Friday bonanza!

  1. Chasing your shirt? The Secret World is weird. 🙂

    This is now the third blog where I’ve seen someone post a screenshot of the player character and Koth in that scene (my own included) – I guess everyone loves the facial expressions.

  2. Oh, sure, WildStar has giant spiders. But only WildStar has giant spiders THAT ARE ALSO AUGMENTED! Which means! …uhm…

    …actually, it means jack, they’re pretty much the same.

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