Marvel Heroes: Ant-Man done!

antmanI’ve been sorely neglecting Marvel Heroes over the past couple of months and feeling as though the new heroes and team-ups have been piling up in the meantime. So I’m making an effort to spend some more time with it, even if in short bursts.

Last night I jumped into Midtown Monday (and apparently one or two other events that I didn’t know were occurring) to polish off Ant-Man’s rise to level 60. Those last few levels are quite the annoyance, but it got done and I’ll be shelving the guy indefinitely. I was really psyched about him, but his playstyle does not really mesh with mine, so no reason to force it.

The highlight of the night was getting a nice summoner headpiece that I gifted to Doctor Doom (all hail Doom!).

Now it’s on to a new character, and for the life of me, I don’t know which. It would be Kitty Pryde, but I’m having difficulty figuring out how to play her (melee doesn’t work so well for me in this game). Blade just came out and I know pretty much nothing about him, but he does look pretty cool.

I’m also working even slower on leveling up team-ups. Pirate Deadpool is somewhere around 57 or so, and while I love him, I’ll be glad to top him off and try out someone else, as I have so many. Plus I couldn’t resist picking up FrankenCastle from the Halloween sale.


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