WildStar: Blasting through expeditions

Last night I logged into WildStar right as one of our guild officers was putting out a call for group expedition runs. Heck, I’m down for that any time, so I signed up on the spot.

We put together a group of five and proceeded to blast through numerous veteran expeditions in record time. Let me tell you, there’s a world of difference between doing one of these solo, with a group of three, and a group of five. The last is just a breeze, allowing us to snag gold after gold, on top of rewards for queuing up for randoms and saved quests. I think we ended up running five expeditions in a row.

And it was a terrific time to chat, too. We were all on teamspeak, joking and not worrying too much about pulls or difficult fights. During the Fragment Zero expedition, someone made the apt point that zero gee is one of the most fun environments of the day — and that Farside really ruins the rest of the game once you’ve gone there. You just get used to doing these super-high jumps and it’s a bummer to have to come back down to reality afterward.

The rewards were pretty sweet too — I got a lot of elder gem XP to help me catch up in my week’s progress bar. I don’t know why vet expeditions seem to be spitting out the same types of decor, however; I’ve gotten so many ship models, landing platforms, doors, and ship engines to choke a cubig.

Midway through our run, one of our guild’s housing experts joined us. She hadn’t been able to play for a while, so she told us up front that we “were going to have to carry my [butt] through it,” which we all thought would make an excellent guild t-shirt.

Anyway, just a fun, relaxed, and rewarding night of grouping and socializing. I am really glad I have a level 50 to be able to do this with. I let my kids design a Chua last night for fun and they were laughing so hard at some of the customization options. I think they ended up naming him/her “Skippi Hippi,” which is kind of genius.



One thought on “WildStar: Blasting through expeditions

  1. ironweakness November 6, 2015 / 3:52 pm

    I’m afraid to let my daughter use the character creator because a.) I will have no more character slots left; they will be full of Aurin and b.) it won’t matter because I will never be able to play again, she will hog all the WS computer time. And I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I showed her the housing. Basically I need to get a second PC for when she’s a little older so we can do this kind of thing together.

    I’m really looking forward to those level 50 veteran group instances. I’ve reached 43 as of last night and most of the active members in my new guild are already 50 (but many are freshly capped) so it won’t be long. Your guild sounds great by the way, there are several on the Exile side that do. I won’t leave the Dominion though and it’s been a struggle to find a guild there when I was last playing WildStar. This time I think I found a good fit though, so hopefully I’ll be able to boast of similar adventures soon enough!

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