WildStar: Building a new casa


Goodbye old house. You were cozy, you were neat, but it’s time to get a little more room and rebuild!


Hello new spacious Exile house with all of the trimmings! There’s something liberating about wiping the slate clean and starting all over.


Even with additional room, the new house was only really two rooms (one big downstairs one, one big upstairs one) with a bit of stairway and hallway. So the first step was to figure out how I wanted to modify the floor plan before plopping everything down.

In the downstairs I created a loft over the ledge area. Nothing fancy but I like how it overlooks the rest of the room.


If there are two house decorating rules that I’m learning in WildStar, it’s these:

  1. You don’t always have to use decor for their most obvious purpose
  2. You don’t always have to place decor in the most obvious way

Flipping and repurposing decor items can result in a lot of neat additions to the home. For example, I noticed that the exile tactical tables that I crafted have cool animated surfaces. So I flipped them and slapped them on the wall, resizing a second one so that it was smaller than the first. Now I have wall monitors that are in motion.

I spent a lot of time on this loft, trying to make it warm and comfortable. Still needs more work (and lighting) but I like how the fireplace is in the corner.


Originally this downstairs ledge was going to be a kitchen area, but I started fiddling about with things in my crate and ended up going a different way. I noticed that the metal platforms had cool neon stripes, so I linked three together to make a new countertop. Then I added the animated Protostar lights and flipped two more tables (the animated blue lounge ones) to go on the wall there. Now it’s all sleek and high-tech.


For the stairway I knew that I wanted to hang pictures, but everyone does that so I kept thinking of something a little different. Then I came upon the idea of putting some candles to use, so I created little ledges under the paintings with metal suitcases (repurposing, remember?) and then plopped different sized candles on each. I really like the end result, especially in a darker house.


For kicks I added the window that has a moving train lighting effect to the back of the stairwell. This way when people come up, lights flash on both walls like a car is driving by.


Little lounge area at the top of the stairs. Just wanted to use all of my heart furniture in one place.


The last thing I had time to do over the weekend was to split up the upstairs into two additional rooms (plus the landing). One of the rooms has an angled entranceway, which was a little tough to get right but I like the end result. I used a red awning with little lights for both.

Still a lot to do in the house, but it’s a really good start I think!


One thought on “WildStar: Building a new casa

  1. Llokki November 11, 2015 / 9:58 am

    Looking good Syp!

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